Southern Africa REPORT

(Vol. 12 No. 2)
by SAR Collective
with Michel Chossudovsk, Olaf Tataryn Juergensen, Hartmut Pereira Krugman, Tanya Lyons, Patrick Bond, Ighsaan Schroeder, Marlea Clarke, Marc Epprecht, Absalom Shigwedha, Jim Kirkwood, Carolyn Bassett, Myles Sterritt, Richard Lee, Ernest Schade (photographer), Rick Reinhard (photographer)
Toronto, Canada
February 1997
Publisher: Toronto Committee for Links Between Southern Africa and Canada
36 pages
Contents: Editorial: Cargo Cult • Exporting Apartheid: Mozambique and Beyond by Michel Chossudovsky • Fostering Ecotourism • Paradise Lose? A Blueprint for Niassa by Olaf Tataryn Juergensen and Hartmut Pereira Krugman • The Forgotten Soldiers: Women in Zimbabwe's Liberation War by Tanya Lyons • Fighting Nee-Liberalism: The South African Front by Patrick Bond • Document I CANSA vs. Camdessus • Document II "Odious Debt " • Undermining Standards: The ANC's New Employment Strategy by Ighsaan Schroeder and Marlea Clarke • Gay Rights (cont'd) • I – Zimbabwe by Marc Epprecht • II -- Namibia by Absalom Shigwedha • “Not Much of an Election” - Zambia 1996 by Jim Kirkwood • Review: Stealing the Peace Dividend by Carolyn Bassett • AIDS in Southern Africa - an exchange by Myles Sterritt • Richard Lee Replies
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Report (SAR) Collective of the Toronto Committee for Links between Southern Africa & Canada (TCLSAC).
Collection: Private collection of William Minter