information organ of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola
(Vol. 2 No. 2)
by People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola, Liberation Support Movement
with Joachim Pinto de Andrade
Oakland, California, United States
Undated, sometime after June 1971
Publisher: Reprinted and distributed by Liberation Support Movement
19 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Europe, France, Portugal
Language: English
Contents:   No. 2 - March/April 1971 • Editorial • Commander Henda • Trial of Ten Angolan Nationalists • Angolan Women's Day • Special Communique No. 7/71 • PORTUGUESE BUDGET FOR EXPEDITIONARY MILITARY FORCES IN THE COLONIES • French Arms for Portugal • 10th Anniversary of the MPLA • Urgent Appeal • Car Communique No. 4/71 • No. 3 - May/June 1971 • Editorial • Portuguese Propaganda Media to Fool our People • Women's Delegation Visits Angola • Children's Day • Message from Angolan Youth • Angolans Fight New Racial Barbarism • War Communique • War Communique • Reprint of two issues of Angola in Arms (VOL. 2 - No. 2 March/Apri1 1971 - No. 3 May/June 1971). The newsletter reprints a memorandum by Joachim Pinto de Andrade sent to a judge appointed to examine his case and an interview of Iko Carreira by Tony Hall published in "The Standard" (Tanzania). The newsletter discusses Hoji ia Henda, Angolan Youth Day, the Cabinda Front, the MPLA Military Commission, self-determination, Alvaro Jose de Melo Sequeira Santos, Raul Jorge Lopes Feio, Jose Ilidio Coelho da Cruz, Maria Jose Pinto Coelho da Silva, Diana Marina Dias Andringa, Antonio Manuel Garcia Neto, Rui Filipe de Matos F. Martins Ramos, Antonio Jose Ferreira Neto, Fernando Emilio de Campos F. Sabrosa, Joachim da Rocha Pinto de Andrade, the Catholic University League (LUC), PIDE (Polícia Internacional e de Defesa do Estado), poverty, prison, jails, the Governor General of Angola, General Sa Viana Rebelo, Inspector Anibal de S. Jose Lopes, Silva Tavares, the Isle of Principe, imprisonment, Aljube, Caxias prison, Lord Russel of Liverpool, Inspector Gomes de Silva, Chief Inspector Barbieri Cardose, Father Pinto de Andrade, Dr. Antonio Alcada Baptista, GNR (National Republican Guard), the Apostolic Nuncio, Inspector Sacchetti, the Overseas Ministry, Deolinda Rodrigues, Irene Cohen, Engracia dos Santos, Teresa Afonso, Lucrecia Palm, the Kamy detachment, the Cienfuegos detachment, Congo Kinshasa, Roberto Holden (Holden Roberto), counter-revolutionary bandits, the Kinkuzu concentration camp, the Department of Information and Propaganda (DIP), OMA (Organisation of Angolan Women), Portuguese colonial forces, military operations, guerrillas, the Azores, Daphne submarines, NORATLAS freight planes, tactical bombing, Alouette II and II helicopters, SA 330 PUMA helicopters, cannon, air to ground rockets, PANHARD D automatic machine-guns, FRELIMO, ANC (African National Congress), the World Peace Council, District of Moxico and Kaundo-Kubango, President of the Portuguese Council of Ministers Marcelo Caetano, Foreign Ministers, NATO, the Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF), Cecile Hugel, Deniele Jeannet, Comrade Tchiungue, the Declaration of the Rights of Children, the United Nations General Assembly, International Children’s Day, herbicides, defoliants, U.S. imperialism, the liberation struggle, napalm, President Nyerere, the Centre for Revolutionary Instruction, Pioneer Augusto Machele, Kuito Kuanaval, Chief Kandondo, David Muchongo, the River Canage, and Katangese mercenaries.
Used by permission of former members of Liberation Support Movement.
Collection: Nancy Freehafer collection