by David J. Koistinen, John E. Lind, CANICCOR Research
San Francisco, California, United States
January 1988 Revised February 1988
Publisher: CANICCOR Research
16 pages
Contents:  INTRODUCTION • PART I: GOLD • Production • Gold Markets •South African Gold Sales to Italy • Summary • PART II: DIAMONDS • The South African-U.S. Diamond Trade • The Diamond Distribution Network • Financing the Diamond Trade • CONCLUSION • NOTES • APPENDICES • Tables: Table I. South Africa’s Principle Exports • Table II. World Gold Production, 1985 • Table III. Major Participants in the Zurich and London Gold • Table IV. Italian Gold Imports by Country of Origin, 1981-86 • Table V. Italian Jewelry Exports in 1985 • Table VI. World Production of Gem Quality Diamonds by Country, 1985 • Figures: Figure 1. World Gold Production • Figure 2a. Purchases of South African Gold by Country • Figure 2b. Estimated Sales of S. African Gold on the London and Zurich Markets as a Fraction of Total New Gold Sales • Figure 3. Italian Gold Imports, 1985 • Figure 4. Italian Jewelry Exports, 1985 • Figure 5. U.S. Semi-Annual Imports of Rough Diamonds by Country of Origin, January 1095-June 1987 • Figure 6. World Trade in Rough Diamonds in 1985 in Millions of U.S. Dollars • The pamphlet discusses the Zurich gold market, the Union Bank of Switzerland, the Swiss Bank Corporation, Credit Swiss, Mocatta & Goldsmid (Standard Chartered), Samuel Montagu (Midland Bank), Sharps Pixey (Kleinwort Benson Lonsdale), Mase Westpac (Westpac Banking- Australia), N. M. Rothschild, the Bank of Nova Scotia, Chase Manhattan, Citicorp, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Guaranty, Salomon Brothers, Shearson Lehman Brothers, C. Itoh & Co., Mitsui & Co., Sumitomo Corp., Deutsche Bank, Italian International Bank (Monte dei Paschi di Siena), De Beers, the Anglo-American conglomerate, the Central Selling Organization, industrial diamonds, sanctions, Zaire, the USSR, the anti-apartheid movement, and the EEC (European Economic Community) countries. 
Used by permission of John E. Lind, CANICCOR Research. Copyright 1988 by CANICCOR Research. 
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