ACAS Bulletin

(Number 25)
by Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
with Bud Day (editor), Joe Sullivan (sub-editor), Patrick L.N. Seyon, Thomas E. Hayden, George Klay Kieh Jr., Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman, Lawrence B. Breitborde, Michael Dukakis, Paul Jourdan, Charles Marshall, Ed Ferguson, Solveig Kjeseth, Doe Mayer
Los Angeles, California, United States
Fall 1988
41 pages
Contents: Notes from the Editor • I. LIBERIA • LIBERIA: AN AMERICAN CONCERN by Jo Sullivan, Boston University • LIBERIA UNDER DOE: THE DENIAL OF A DREAM by Patrick L.N. Seyon, formerly Vice President, University of Liberia • HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN LIBERIA -  1988 by Thomas E. Hayden, Africa Faith and Justice Network • THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION’S POLICY TOWARD LIBERIA: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS by George Klay Kieh, Jr., Memphis State University • THE CRISIS IN LIBERIAN EDUCATION by Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman, Cornell university (former President, University of Liberia) • FOUR POLITICAL THEMES IN MONROVIA, SUMMER 1988 by Lawrence B. Breitborde, Beloit College • SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY • II. Campaign 88 • TOWARD PEACE AND JUSTICE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA by Michael Dukakis, Presidential Candidate • DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM (excerpts) • REPUBLICAN PLATFORM (excerpts) • III. The Continuing Struggle • Excerpts of Report EXPLODING MYTHS OF U.S. MINERAL DEPENDENCY ON SOUTH AFRICA (August 1988) by Paul Jourdan, Minerals Economist, University of Zimbabwe • PEACE IN ANGOLA DEPENDS ON CESSATION OF U.S. AND FOREIGN AID TO UNITA by Charles Marshall, President, U.S.-Angola Friendship Society • AFRICAN STUDIES IN CUBA by Ed Ferguson of Oregon State University • THE CUBAN ANTI-APARTHEID MOVEMENT • NOTES FROM NAMIBIA (excerpts) by Solveig Kjeseth, National Namibia Concerns • IV. Some Words About Pictures • SO YOU THINK AMERICAN TELEVISION HAS PROBLEMS? by Doe Mayer, University of Southern California • A NEW GENERATION OF MEDIA • FILMING "BIKO - BREAKING THE SILENCE" • V. ACAS EVENTS AT  ASA ANNUAL MEETING • The newsletter says this edition was edited and Published at the Southern Africa Resource Project, University Religious Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 90024. The newsletter includes an interview of Roberto Mackchaser, Executive Secretary of the Cuban Anti-Apartheid Committee, conducted by Ed Ferguson in Havana, Cuba. The newsletter includes an interview of Mark Kaplan of the Capricorn Video Unit, producer of the movie "Biko - Breaking the Silence" in Harare, Zimbabwe, by Bud Day. The newsletter discusses Ahmed Samatar, Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.,  iron mining, timber, the export of coffee, cocoa, sugar,  business, government, AID, American and European interests in Liberia’s natural resources, military coup that brought Samuel K. Doe to power, William V.S. Tubman, Edwin J. Barclay, the Americo-Liberian community, William R. Tolbert, civilian rule, elections, the National Democratic Party of Liberia, the OAU (Organization of African Unity), unemployment, civil servants, teachers, Gabriel Kpolleh, the leader of the Liberian Unification Party (LUP),  Joe Robert Kaipaye, detention, Liberian security personnel, opposition parties, Amnesty International, the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, Bellah Yellah, the People's Palace of Correction, the exaggerated "communist threat" in the Third World, United States aid to Liberia, democracy, invasion, former Vice Head of State J. Nicholas Podier, constitutional change, Professor Elbert Dunn, a multiparty system, Dr.  Levi Zangai, the Liberian Action Party, Mrs. Edith Wiles "Mai" Padmore, Independence Day, the Chief of Staff of the Liberian Armed Forces, the U.S.-European Command, U.S. military aid, J. Emmanual Bowier, the Association for Constitutional Democracy in Liberia, the Society of African Missions (S.M.A.), Liberia Research and Information Project, apartheid, self-determination, Cuba, Archbishop Tutu, Allan Boesak, economic sanctions, a comprehensive trade embargo, the African National Congress (ANC), the State Department, diamonds, cobalt, andalusite,  chrysotile asbestos, antimony, manganese, rutile, vanadium, chromite, ferrochrome, the platinum group minerals, Carol B. Thomson, destabilization  through military and economic pressure, the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, Zaire, Zairean President Joseph Mobutu, Cabinda Province, Portuguese officials, the MPLA, Paulino Pinto Joao, Angolan Minister of State Pedro Da Castro Van-Dunem (Loy), General Pedro Maria Tonha (Pedale), Centro de Estudios des Africa y Media Oriente (CEAMO), Dr. Adolfo Ham, ICAP (Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples), Katatura, the Union of National Radio and Television Organizations of Africa (URTNA), the Johns Hopkins University's Population Communication Service, California Newsreel's Southern Africa Media Center, Steve Biko, "Cry Freedom", ASA (African Studies Association), Ann Seidman, Neva Makgetla, Nelson Mayo, Renosi Mokate, Clever Mumbengegwi, the South African liberation struggle, Bill Martin, Trevor Abrahams, Yogesh Narsing, Harold Wolpe, the struggle for peoples education, the Western Sahara war, Teresa K. Smith, the Western Sahara Campaign, Yahya Zoubir, Anthony Pazzanita, the Horn of Africa, Ahmed I. Samatar, Harold Marcus, Kidane Mengisteab, Mohammed Rirash, and Abdullahi an-Naim.
Used by permission of several co-chairs of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars.
Collection: Elizabeth S. Landis collection, National Archives of Namibia