(VOL 2 NO. 18)
with Patrick Hoge, Aaron, Shawnee L. W. Cuzzillo, MSG, Dante
Berkeley, California, United States
August 8, 1985
4 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Europe
Language: English
Contents: BLOCKAGE LIVERMORE LAB • Terrorists Attack Priests! American Religious Delegation Taken Hostage by U.S.-backed Contras in Nicaragua • NEWS around the world • No News • Also in Britain… • On the Beach • Dominos • Conspicuous Consumption • …Is Not For Everyone • War Resisters League/West • Watch Out • Victory • Neo-Colonialist Scum Dies • Cooties • Better Things to Do • Slavery • Down With Apartheid! U.S. Out of South Africa Now! PROTEST CHESTER CROCKER • ARRESTS • August 6, 1985 • HIROSHIMA/NAGASAKI Memorial Poetry Reading • The Nedd Lloyd Kimberly Returns • HIROSHIMA DAY: "No Silence As Usual" • Vigil for American Kidnap Victims • Reagan Reads Biko News • HELL in a handbasket • SANCTIONS ANYONE? • The newsletter says Chester Crocker, Assistant Secretary of State of African Affairs and the main spokesman for Reagan's "constructive engagement" policy of support for South African apartheid, will speak here on August 16. The newsletter says several Bay Area anti-apartheid peace groups were picketing on Pier 80 in San Francisco on Wednesday to protest the anticipated arrival of the Nedlloyd Kimberley, a Dutch cargo ship transporting goods from South Africa; at the same time, three ships from the Peace Navy were out on the bay to nonviolently blockade the ship from docking and unloading cargo. The newsletter reports as that a number of the West’s most politically powerful and influential organizations have either adopted or proposed an array of economic sanctions against racist South Africa. With France taking the lead, the European economic community agreed to recall their ambassadors; the U.S. Senate, despite the President's resistance, approved a package of economic sanctions. The newsletter discusses Forbes Burnham, dockworkers of Local 10 of the Longshoremen’s Union (ILWU), the Bay Area Free South Africa Movement (BAFSAM), Phil Finger, U.C.P.D. (University of California Police Department), the Botha regime, imprisonment and murder of opposition leaders, the UDF (United Democratic Front), the European Economic Community (EEC), Zwide, Nonyamezelo Maengewas, Matthew Goniwe, South African death squads, and boycotts called in Soweto. This document was digitized by Steve Masover who provided it to the African Activist Archive Project. 
Used by permission of former members of the Campaign Against Apartheid who were involved in creating BIKO PLAZA NEWS.
Collection: Private collection of Steve Masover