VOTE YES ON A & B For Freedom in South Africa

by Yes on A & B / Berkeley Out of South Africa Coalition
Berkeley, California, United States
Early 1979
3 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet supporting Measures A and B in a referendum to be held in Berkeley on April 19, 1979. These measures will ensure that municipal funds are invested under socially and economically rational guidelines to meet the needs of the community and will not be invested in banks that lend to South Africa. The leaflet says the measures will be both a symbolic protest against racism and a concrete political-economic blow against that system of human degradation. These measures are part of an international movement to withdraw both public and private monies from banks that make loans to South Africa. The leaflet answers eight questions: 1) Why Should the Berkeley Public be concerned about investments in South Africa? 2) What is Apartheid? 3) How does the U.S. help South Africa maintain Apartheid? 4) But don’t U.S. investments work to liberalize the racist system? 5) Is divestment just a symbolic gesture or will it have a concrete impact on ending apartheid? 6) Divestment may help end apartheid, but will it cost the city money? 7) But don't all banks have indirect financial ties with South Africa? 8) Are these measures compatible with State law requirements? 8) How will these measures improve our community?  The leaflet discusses Bantustans, land, U.S. corporations, the Senate Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, the Soweto Uprising, Pass Laws, an economic boycott, and Central Bank.
Collection: Cindy Ruskin papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections