(ISSUE 96)
with Tony Sutton, Sarah Schechter, Rory O'Connor, Ronnie Kasrils, Sidney Blumenthal, John Nichols, Anant Singh, Hart Perry, Nizar Assad, Naomi Ruth Pinson, Mike Fleshman, David Niddrie, Mark Sommer, Greg Palast, Marta Steele, Bill Zimmerman, Granville Williams, Thandeka Gqubule, Danny Schechter
Ontario, Canada
April 2015
Publisher: ColdType
48 pages
Contents: Remembering Danny Schechter • Hamba Kahle, Comrade • My father. Our Hero • To Danny, as always, Rory O’Connor • How Danny became the Postperson from Pluto • Vinho verde, chicken, fries, and political analysis • Wild and Yippie-infused determınation • Memorable moments with Mandela • Our friend, Danny • Flying with Jesse • Laughs and bagels • Come dancing • Force of nature • A swarm of plastic bags • Beating the hecklers • Moral commander • No stopping • Agents meet their match • Voice for reform • My second father • READ MORE DANNY SCHECHTER • Media. Hype. Dissected. • THE SHREDDING OF MEDIA CREDIBILITY • THE GHOSTS OF VIETNAM • A country we both call our second home • Memory matters • Journalist, Filmmaker, Author, Activist, Father, Brother, Friend, Troublemaker • The magazine discusses WBCN, the CIA, Artists United Against Apartheid, Bruce  Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt, Sun City, the Public Broadcasting Service  (PBS), The Making of Sun City, Globalvision, South Africa Now, Nelson Mandela, Victor Verster prison, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, the Media Channel, the London School of Economics, Chief Albert Luthuli, the ANC (African National Congress), Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Pallo Jordan, Zanele Mbeki, Sue Rabkin, Phillip Tomlinson, and apartheid. (Note: ColdType magazine is available at For a free subscription, email
Used by permission of ColdType.