by Davidson Students Against Apartheid, Charlotteans for a Free Southern Africa
Davidson, North Carolina, United States
October 1988
Publisher: Charlotteans for a Free Southern Africa, Davidson Students Against Apartheid
4 pages
Program for a Teach-In on October 8, 1988. Speakers at the program include Julie Mayfield, Davidson Students Against Apartheid; Dr. Stella Nkomo, Charlotteans for a Free Southern Africa; Katherine England, National NAACP South Africa Task Force; and Rev. Mark Lomax, Davidson Presbyterian Church; and representatives from Davidson Students Against Apartheid, Davidson Black Alumni of Charlotte, Davidson College Faculty, Davidson Alumni Against Apartheid, the National NAACP, NC Fair Share, North Carolina NAACP, Charlotte Chapter SCLC, North Carolina SANE/FREEZE, a representative of Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Charlotte Labor Council, the Charlotte Equal Rights Congress, the Charlotte Organizing Project, the Carolina Interfaith Taskforce on Central America, and the Carolina Community Project. Music will be provided by Debra Brewer and Karen Singleton. The document quotes Rev. Frank Chikane, Secretary, South African Council of Churches (SACC); Dr. Donald W. Shriver, Jr., President, Union Theological Seminary; Dr. Sam R. Hope, Director of Church Relations, Witness for Peace; Bishop Desmond Tutu; and a Davidson College Faculty Resolution. The program asks people to write Mr. Ben T. Craig requesting total divestment (with copies sent to Dr. John W. Kuykendall, President, Davidson College and Davidson Alumni Against Apartheid). The program also asks people to write their Senators and urge them to vote in favor of the national sanctions bill, Senate Bill 2756. • Welcome • SPEAKERS/MUSIC • Keynote Address • MUSIC • SILENT VIGIL-WALK AROUND CAMPUS • HOW CAN YOU HELP DAVIDSON COLLEGE LIVE UP TO ITS IDEALS? • NATIONAL SANCTIONS EFFORT • FOR MORE INFORMATION
Used by permission of Lyndall Hare, a former member of Charlotteans for a Free Southern Africa.
Collection: Private collection of Lyndall Hare