Come One, Come All To Hear One Of The Greatest World Leaders Of All Times South Africa’s NELSON MANDELA

Join the North Carolina "Caravan to Mandela"
by North Carolina Black Leadership Caucus, North Carolina Martin Luther King Holiday Committee, North Carolina N.A.A.C.P., North Carolina Fair Share, North Carolinians Against Apartheid, Charlotteans for a Free Southern Africa, Raleigh-Wake Martin Luther King Committee
North Carolina, United States
Undated, about early June 1990
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Leaflet advertising busses from a number of locations in North Carolina to Atlanta to hear Nelson Mandela on June 27, 1990 at Georgia Tech's Football Stadium. The leaflet says also appearing is Hugh Masekela, Shirley Caesar and Stevie Wonder. Contact information includes Durham Area: Willie Lovett, Elizabeth City area: Sang Hamilton, Sanford Area: Jency Abrams, Fayetteville Area: Ted Kinney, Louisburg Area: Felicia Hardy, Wilmington Area: Peter Grear, Charlotte Area:  J.B. Humphrey, Charlotte Area: Lyndall Hare, Raleigh Area: the Crosslink Learning Center, Raleigh Area: Freedom Bookstore, Greensboro Area: Clev Sellers, Greensboro Area: Roy Moore, Winston Salem Area: Earline W. Parmon. The leaflet says state contacts are Mobilization Chairperson Armstrong Williams and Civil & Human Rights Groups Brice Lightner.
Used by permission of Lyndall Hare, a former member of Charlotteans for a Free Southern Africa.
Collection: Private collection of Lyndall Hare