by The Chief Albert Luthuli Memorial Fund
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Undated, early January 1969 or earlier
8 pages
Type: Program
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada
Language: English
Contents: OPENING OF CONFERENCE • Words of Welcome • Introduction of Speaker • OPENING ADDRESS "AFRICA AND AMERICA: RACE AND SCHOLARSHIP" • The Shaw University Choir • RECEPTION • TOPIC ORIGINS OF RACISM IN SOUTHERN AFRICA • SPEAKER Dr. Anthony Ngubo, South African Professor of Sociology, California State College • TOPIC THE CHURCH IN SOUTHERN AFRICA AND THE UNITED STATES • "The Relevance of Christianity for Black People" • "The African Looks at the American Church-What Its Role Should Be in the Southern African Liberation Struggle" • "The Church in South Africa" • "The Church in Angola and Mozambique" • TOPIC THE FUTURE OF THE CHURCH IN AFRICA AND THE UNITED STATES: A CHRISTIAN, MOSLEM, MARXIST DIALOGUE • TOPIC "Historical Continuities in Black and White Politics in South Africa" • DISPLAY OF AFRICAN ART - STUDENT UNION LOBBY • Lecture "History of African Art" • TOPIC "How the Afrikaner Views Apartheid" • CONCERT Jonas Gwangwa's "African Explosion" • Movie "Sabotage in South Africa" • TOPIC "A Sociological Approach to the South African Situation" • TOPIC "South Africa in the International Economy" • THE FUTURE: CHANGE OR STATUS QUO? • TOPIC "The United Nations and Southern Africa" • TOPIC "Guerrilla Warfare in Southern Africa" • TOPIC "The Ethical Justification for Violent Revolution in South Africa" • TOPIC "The Role of Culture in the Revolutionary Struggle" • TOPIC AMERICAN POLICY CHOICES IN SOUTHERN AFRICA • Topic The History of Liberation Movements in Southern Africa • People on the program include: James E. Cheek, President, Shaw University; Reverend Coleman; Dr. Richard A. Long, Professor of English, Atlanta University, Director of the Center for African-American Studies (CAAS); Dr. Betty Walker, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Shaw University; Reverend James Z. Alexander, University Minister; The Reverend Edward Ducree, Executive Director, CRISIS, Inc. and Upward Bound Program, Emory University; The Reverend Christopher Nteta, Harvard University; The Reverend Virgil Wood, Pastor and Executive Director of Opportunities Industrial Center, Roxbury, Massachusetts; Dr. Charles W. Ward, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina; The Reverend Kenneth Carstens, Methodist Minister in South Africa; Dr. Theodore Tucker, African Secretary for the National Council of Churches (NCC); Reverend Gladstone Mxolisi Ntlabati, Executive Director, The Chief Albert Luthuli Memorial Fund; Minister John Shabazz, Minister, Mosque No. 12, Atlanta, Georgia; Mr. Cleveland Sellers, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); Dr. King V. Cheek, Vice President, Shaw University; Mr. Jeremiah Mbata, African Studies, Northwestern University; Mr. Paul Walker, Director of Career Placement; Mr. Edward Cutler, Museum of African Art, Washington, D.C.; Mr. Stephen Maddock; Dr. Geoffrey Butler, Professor of History, Wesleyan University; Mr. Kenneth Bassell, Special Assistant to the President on Urban Affairs; Dr. Eric Krystall, Department of Sociology, Shaw University; Mr. Thomas E. Kee, Sean of Students, Shaw University; Dr. John Shingler, Professor of Political Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Mr. O. A. Dupree, Faculty Advisor to Afro-American Society, Shaw University; Mr. George Houser, Executive Director, American Committee on Africa (ACOA); Mr. D.E. Mallory, Comptroller, Shaw University; Dr. Martin C. Legassick, Department of History, University of California, Santa Barbara; Miss Joyce Pittman, President, Afro-American Society, Shaw University; Mr. Donald Brent, President of the Student Body, Shaw University; Mr. Gerald McWorter, Professor of Sociology, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia; Dr. Waldemar Campbell, Southern Africa Desk, United States State Department; Dr. E. Jefferson Murphy, Executive Vice President, African American Institute; Mr. Peter Molotsi, New York University; Mr. David Mgabe, Columbia University; ad Dr. John Marcum, Professor of Political Science, Lincoln University.
Collection: Union Theological Seminary anti-apartheid activity (Malcolm Hulslander collection)