[Dear Mr. Irwin and Members of the Board of Directors]

by Jack Quigley, Mac Hulslander, Carl D. Schneider, Peter H. Johnson, Morningside Heights Committee on South Africa, Social Action Committee on South Africa, Union Ad Hoc Committee on South Africa
with John N. Irwin II
New York, New York, United States
Undated, about second half of January or February 1967
3 pages
Copy of a letter to John Irwin and Members of the Board of Directors of Union Theological Seminary in regard to community concern over South African apartheid and First National City Bank which has made funds available to the South African government and the response by Mr. Irwin. The letter to Mr. Irwin discusses Dave Hornback, Chuck Powers, the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., Chase Manhattan, the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church, A. Phillip Randolph, the Committee on Conscience against Apartheid, and Reinhold Niebuhr. [This document was made to distribute the correspondence; presumably the original letters, at least the Irwin letter, was on letterhead. The correct spelling of the name is apparently David W. Hornbeck.]
Used by permission of Malcolm Hulslander, a former member of the Social Action Committee on South Africa.
Collection: Union Theological Seminary anti-apartheid activity (Malcolm Hulslander collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections