SOUTHERN AFRICA MEDIA CENTER: a project of California Newsreel

by California Newsreel
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, apparently 1978
16 pages
Contents: What is the Southern Africa Media Center? • New Films • Activation Kits • Now To Rent Films • SHIPPING • SIX DAYS IN SOWETO • THERE IS NO CRISIS • LA, ST GRAVE AT DIMBAZA • BULLETS ARE BEGINNING TO FLOWER • NAMIBIA: A STUDY IN COLONIALISM • SOUTH AFRICA: THE RISING TIDE • FREE NAMIBIA! • ANGOLA: THE PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN • A VITORIA E CERTA THE STORY OF ANGOLA • CONTROLLING INTEREST: The World of the Multinational Corporation • of related interest • ACOA publications • Southern Africa magazine. The catalog includes poems by Zindzi Mandela and Marcelino dos Santos and quotations from Judy Stone, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE; President Samora Machel; Robert Van Lierop, filmmaker of A LUTA CONTINUA; James O'Connor, professor of economics, University of California at Santa Cruz; Joseph Collins and Frances Moore Lappe, authors of FOOD FIRST; Peter Biskind, SEVEN DAYS; and Richard Barnett, author of GLOBAL REACH. The catalog discusses apartheid, Anthony Thomas, Thames Television, Nana Mahomo, IKON-Kenmerk (Holland), the United Nations, Boubakar Adjali, Oliver Tambo, the ANC (African National Congress), Sam Nujomo, SWAPO (the South West Africa People's Organization), Joshua Nkomo of Zimbabwe's Patriotic Front, Prime Minister Vorster, the Sharpeville massacre, Rhodesia, arms shipments, Ossie Davis, Herbert Risz, FNLA, UNITA, MPLA, the CIA, the Southern Africa Committee, Behind The Lines, Massacre At Nyazonia, Dr. Martin Luther King-From Montgomery To Memphis, San Francisco State-On Strike, Can You Hear Me?, the American Committee on Africa (ACOA), The Africa Fund, Basil Davison, Steve Biko, the Black Peoples Convention, South African Students' Organization, NAACP, and AFL-CIO.
Used by permission of California Newsreel.
Collection: African Media Program Collection