Polaroid and South Africa

by Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement
with Reg September, Ken Williams
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Early 1971
9 pages
Type: Pamphlet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
This publication explains the campaign by the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement (PWRM). Polaroid instant film was used to take pictures for the pass books that all adult Africans had to carry. The pamphlet includes photographs of Ken Williams and Chris Nteta and a January 12, 1971 statement by the PRWM. The pamphlet includes a letter dated February 10, 1971 to Caroline Hunter from Terry W. Milligan, Laboratory Manager, Color Photography Research Laboratory, Polaroid Corporation. It also includes a November 6, 1970 telegram to Caroline Hunter from Reg September of the African National Congress (ANC). There also are two newspaper articles: "Pass-Camera bosses hear Soweto," POST (Johannesburg), December 13, 1970; and "Polaroid and Black Front" by David Deitch, Boston Globe, January 11, 1971. The pamphlet discusses the Black United Front and John Carrington, a black administrator from Polaroid.
Used by permission of Caroline Hunter, co-founder of the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement.
Collection: Private collection of Caroline Hunter