[Dear Frank Beaman: People for Southern African Freedom is interested in the work you have done ...]

by Christina Cowger, People for Southern African Freedom
Eugene, Oregon, United States
September 24, 1980
Publisher: People for Southern African Freedom
2 pages
Type: Correspondence
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Letter from People for Southern African Freedom (PSAF) to Frank Beeman of the Southern Africa Liberation Committee (SALC) asking for information about SALC’s work on divestment of state funds in Southern Africa-related corporations. The mailing says PSAF, a Eugene citizens' group, helped lead the fight in 1977 for divestment of state higher education funds from Southern Africa-related companies. Since then, it has pushed the suit against the Attorney General's ruling forbidding divestment. In the 1979 legislative session, PSAF supplied extensive testimony in support of a bill for divestment of state funds. PSAF plans to have an altered version of S.B 957 re-introduced in the January 1981, legislative session; a copy of the proposed bill is enclosed. [Note: the correct spelling of the name is Beeman not Beaman.]
Used by permission of former members of People for Southern African Freedom.
Collection: Patricia L. Beeman Southern Africa Liberation Committee collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections