by Anti-Apartheid Committee for Selective Purchasing
Washington, DC, United States
Undated, December 10, 1975
2 pages
Type: Press Release
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The press release reports that the City of Gary, Indiana voted for municipal sanctions against Control Data, IBM, ITT and Motorola due to their supportive roles in South African apartheid; the Gary Council over-rode the veto of Mayor Richard Hatcher by a 6 - 3 vote. The resolution was modeled on the selective purchasing resolution now before the D.C. City Council. The boycott issue was introduced before the Gary City Council by Councilman L.T. Allison in October, and a crowd of 400 people attended a hearing on November 24 that was addressed by South African exiles, John Opel (the President of IBM), and various experts on African affairs. The press release says the D.C. anti-apartheid resolution is scheduled for a hearing on January 20 in the committee of the whole, chaired by Sterling Tucker. Both the corporations and the South African government have expressed concern over the possibility of similar boycott actions in the nation's capital. The press release says more Black American cities can be expected to address this issue, and action in Washington, D.C. would be very important. The press release includes a quote by Larry Gordon, Research Coordinator of the Anti-Apartheid Committee for Selective Purchasing.
Collection: Patricia L. Beeman Southern Africa Liberation Committee collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections