Support the Liberation Movements

by Committee on Southern African Liberation
Syracuse, New York, United States
Undated, most likely Fall 1973, possibly early 1974
2 pages
This leaflet promotes a campaign to raise material support for the liberation movements of Mozambique and Angola, which are engaged in national reconstruction in the liberated areas as well as military struggle. Education is a high priority, as in health care. President Nixon is helping the Portuguese; American citizens and people all over the world can help the Africans. After massacres such as at Sharpeville in South Africa and Mueda in Mozambique in 1960, the genocidal campaign against Africans in Angola in 1961, and the imprisonment of African leaders in Rhodesia following the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) in 1965, Africans saw that peaceful protest against these regimes was futile. National Reconstruction • What is Needed • The Liberation Movements • U.S. Involvement [Note on date: The Committee on Southern African Liberation was formed in the Fall of 1973. From the text it seems this leaflet was created before the coup in Portugal in April 1974.]
Used by permission of Diana Green, a former member of the Committee on Southern African Liberation.
Collection: Private collection of Diana Green