by John Harrington
Sacramento, California, United States
September 26, 1978
7 pages
Type: Press Release
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The document includes Shareholder Proposal No. 2: South Africa, DEL MONTE CORPORATION Questions & Answers, and a press release. The press release says U.S. corporate and bank financial support for South Africa is a matter of growing concern in Congress, the California Legislature, state and local governments, private and public universities, churches, unions, community organizations, and institutional investors. The documents mention Prime Minister Vorster, the five Western Powers Namibian Peace Proposal for U.N. supervised elections, Steve Biko's family, Del Monte's fruit and vegetable canning operation in South Africa, no further expansion, sardines from illegally-ruled Namibia, taxes, foreign exchange, export markets, squatters, migrant labor, Michael Roudnev, the Sullivan Principles, South African Official Secrets Act, the Protection of Business Act, National Supplies Procurement Act, Terrorism Act, advocating withdrawal of American business, apartheid, racial oppression, slave labor, R.J. Reynolds, Bob Monagan, proxy soliciting materials, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), social accountability on the part of U.S. transnational corporations, the Canning Fruit Control Board, Mobil Oil, and CALTEX.
Used by permission of John Harrington.
Collection: John Harrington’s South Africa Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections