by John Harrington
Sacramento, California, United States
Undated, 1978
3 pages
Type: Resolution
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Shareholder resolution and DEL MONTE RESOLUTION SUPPORTING STATEMENT submitted to Del Monte Corporation. The resolution says Del Monte Corporation shall not directly, or through its subsidiary, expand its operations within South Africa unless and until the South African government commits itself to ending the legally enforced form of racism called apartheid and takes meaningful steps toward the achievement of full political, legal and social rights for the majority population. The supporting statement says as Consultant to the Senate Select Committee on Investment Priorities and Objectives of the California Legislature, this shareholder has found that corporations have profited by operating in South Africa while paying its non-white employees subsistent wages. Corporations have found it convenient to hide behind South African law and custom by refusing to release nonproprietary information to shareholders, while adopting meaningless policies which are supported by the South African government to supposedly eliminate "workplace" discrimination. The supporting statement discusses agricultural production, taxes, foreign exchange, and African trade unions. [Note: This shareholder resolution was voted on at the annual meeting of the Del Monte Corporation on September 26, 1978. The resolution was submitted by John Harrington, a shareholder, months before that date.]
Used by permission of John Harrington.
Collection: John Harrington’s South Africa Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections