by John C. Harrington
San Francisco, California, United States
June 12, 1972
9 pages
Type: Statement
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Portugal, United Nations
Language: English
Statement to the Democratic National Platform Committee Regional Hearing. The statement says the Nixon Administration, supplies weapons and war-related material to the Portuguese government through NATO to militarily suppress the legitimate struggle of black African liberation forces in the Portuguese colonies of Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Angola. On December 10, 1971, the Nixon administration also signed an executive agreement with Portugal granting the U.S. military certain base rights in the Portuguese Azores in return for a huge U.S. aid package totaling $436 million over the next two years. The statement says NASA has a satellite station, several deep space network stations, and a missile tracking station in South Africa. The statement includes part of the official Democratic Party platform adopted July 11, 1972 by the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach. The statement discusses the California Assembly Office of Research, Assemblyman John L. Burton, the Legislator's Retirement System, the Public Employees' Retirement System, the Pooled Money Investment Board and the University of California (UC), the Export-Import Bank, importing chromite ore from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), the Military Procurement Act, sanctions, the Sugar Act of 1948, the Simonstown naval base, imports, exports, Namibia (South West Africa), mining and smelting, construction, manufacturing, African workers, subsistence wages, Gulf Oil, tax law, income from American investments in racist Southern Africa, the arms embargo on South Africa, the Export Control Act, trucks, aircraft, and U.S. investments in racist-ruled Zimbabwe.
Used by permission of John Harrington.
Collection: John Harrington’s South Africa Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections