Racism: A National Policy?

Conference Program
by Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism, NAACP Albany Branch
Albany, New York, United States
November 1983
Publisher: NAACP Albany Branch, Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism
4 pages
Program for a conference held November 19, 1983 at Wilborn Temple in Albany. People listed on the program include E.F. Jeffries, Pastor, Wilborn Temple, United Church in Christ; E.J. Josey, President, Albany Branch, NAACP; Vera "Mike" Michelson, Chair, Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid And Racism; Michael Amon-Ra, President, N.Y. Chapter, National Black United Front (NBUF); Damu Smith, Founding Member, Black American Network for Disarmament, Peace, and Justice; Robert Chrisman, Editor, Black Scholar magazine; Lillie McLaughlin, First Vice President, Albany NAACP; Tony Scott; Carol Hausen; Kabili Tayor, National Black Independent Political Party; Vroman Wright, Executive Director, Phase-Out Re-Entry; Odell Winfield; Dr. Stephen Wasby, SUNYA Professor and civil liberties scholar; Mark Mishler, Esq., SUNYA Student Legal Services, National Lawyers Guild; Anita Thayer; Merton Simpson; Maggie Kirwin, Central American Solidarity Alliance; Karen Brammer, Non-Violence Project; Maria Muscarella, Capital District Committee For Palestinian Rights; Depak Kapur; Rev. Tyrone Pitts, Director, Racial Justice Commission of National Council of Churches; Maria Markovics, United Tenants of Albany; Hughes Williams, I.U.E. Local 301; and James McCoy. The program says the Minority Student Alliance of the Junior College of Albany will host a reception for conference participants.
Used by permission of former members of the Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism.
Collection: Private collection of Vera Michelson