by Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
October 1971
46 pages
Contents: INTRODUCTION • CONTEMPORARY LINKS BETWEEN SOUTH AFRICA AND ISRAEL • Growing economic ties • Politico-Military Ties maintained • HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF ISRAEL-SOUTH AFRICAN LINKS: THE CONTEXT OF WESTERN IMPERIALISM • Settler States and the Indigenous Peoples of South Africa and Palestine • Land • Second Class Citizenship • Tools of Repression • Neocolonialism in Africa: Settler States and Independent Countries • South Africa's Outward Thrust • Israel and Independent Africa • South Africa, Israel, and American Imperialism • CONCLUSION • LIST OF REFERENCES • Other Suggest Readings • Table 1: Israel-South Africa Trade • Table 2: Israel's Trade with Africa, 1970 • Table 3: Population Groups in Israel, c. 1968 • Table 4: Population Groups in South Africa, c. 1968. The pamphlet discusses South African Prime Ministers Malan, Strijdom, Verwoerd, and Vorster. It also discusses racism, Western capitalist nations, indigenous people, the General Assembly, resolution 1761 (XVII), boycotting South African goods, Third World countries, the Israel-South Africa Trade Association, Israel Foreign Trade Statistics, the diamond trade, Oppenheimer interests, de Beers Consolidated Mines, the Central Selling Organization, C.L. Sulzberger, the South Africa Foundation, the Israeli-South Africa Committee, Dr. Shlomo Peer, the Rafi Party, Colonel Ephraim Shurer, El Al Airline, Shmuel Tamil, Eliezer Shostak, the Free Center Party, military cooperation, the Nationalist Party, the British Commonwealth, Jewish Affairs magazine, Percy Yutar, Johannesburg United Hebrew Congregation, the Rivonia trial, anti-Semitism, African liberation, apartheid, Nelson Mandela, Upper Volta, Jews in South Africa, Chief Rabbi Professor Abrahams, Joel Barromi, Ambassador Tekoah, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, Maurice Porter, the OAU (Organization of African Unity), occupied Arab territories, the British Empire, the Native Land Act of 1913, the 1936 Native Trust and Land Act, South West Africa, the Law on the Acquisition of Absentee Property, the State of Emergency, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, the West Bank of the Jordan, Amos Kenan, Christopher Mayhew, the Church Center for the United Nations, H. Katzew, Bantu Education, UNESCO, the pass system, Defense Laws, Y. Shapiro, Nazi Germany, Arab villagers, Deir Yassein, Sharpeville, massacres, racial laws, violence, detention without trial, the International Defence and Aid Fund in London, Albie Sachs, Rhodesia, guerrilla forces, Ian Smith, Present Banda, the Malagasy Republic, Ivory Coast President Houphouet-Boigny, French neo-colonial influence, liberation movements, President Obote, cheap labor, Abdul Minty, and Upper Volta.
Used by permission of David Wiley and William Minter, former members of Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa.
Collection: Boston Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections