[Brothers and Sisters: Thank you for your support!]

by Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement
Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
Undated, late January or February 1971?
1 page
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Mailing of the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement c/o Caroline Hunter. The mailing says thank you for your support; your efforts have helped us make Polaroid take a public stand against apartheid. The mailing says Polaroid has bit answered the three demands or met with PRWM; on January 12, 1971 Polaroid bought over $100,000 worth of advertisements to but off public pressure; Polaroid said they would conduct “An Experiment in South Africa” on black people and continue their support of racist South Africa and continue to exploit and profit off the enslavement of black people; the Polaroid ad is an insult to the PRWN and all right-on thinking people; we have announced the three demands that Polaroid stop all business with South Africa and will enforce the boycott against all Polaroid products until Polaroid gets out of South Africa or until South Africa is liberated in the name of her people. The mailing says our slogan for the boycott is: SEIZE THE TIME! OFF THE P.I.G. Polaroid Instant Gadgets! The mailing says we need your continued support and action against Polaroid. The mailing asks people to boycott all Polaroid products including Polaroid cameras and film, Cool-Ray Polaroid sunglasses, and ID-S system. The mailing says in your community stop sale of Polaroid products, talk to dealers and ask them not to order Polaroid, put large white “X” on those who refuse. The mailing says on your campus stop sale of Polaroid products; do not allow Polaroid recruiters on campus; stop use of ID-2 systems for campus security; see if university has Polaroid stock, notify PRWM and take action to force the sale of Polaroid stock. The mailing says churches: see if church has stock through local and national organizations.  The mailing says workers: find our if your company does business in South Africa. The mailing says the Polaroid ID-2 system has been tested and perfected in South Africa as a means of control of the masses by a few; it is being sold in Canada to help police keep closer watch on the people. The mailing says now in use in 20 states for driver licenses; used in college and hi-schools for security; used on bank and credit cards. The mailing says the ID-2 makes two photos at once and can be computerized. The mailing says the 1971 model makes four photos at once. The mailing says RESIST ALL ID-2 PHOTOS-INSTANT SLAVERY IN JUST 60 SECONDS!
Used by permission of Caroline Hunter, co-founder of the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement.
Collection: Boston Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections