Southern Africa Must Be Free! USA Subversion Must Be Exposed!

by Patrice Lumumba Coalition
New York, New York, United States
August 25, 1976
10 pages
The document says we have good cause for joy and hope in the intensification of liberation struggles across the entire breadth of southern Africa. The document says we hail the emergence of the Zimbabwe Liberation Army (ZLA), the unification of fighting forces and the rise of armed struggle for independence, for total defeat of the Rhodesian racist white minority gangster regime; we especially salute the revolutionary people of Mozambique as an heroic rearguard and strategic launching place for the Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) struggle. The document says we stand and work in solidarity with the freedom fighters and people of Namibia in their struggle for independence, from the illegal and universally condemned military occupation of their nation by the fascist, apartheid expansionists of the Republic of South Africa. The document says we applaud the explosion of mass protests by African youth, workers and students within the Republic of South Africa; the recent massacres at Soweto and other bloody fascist reprisals -- including the Gestapo-style arrests of thousands of African activists, organizers and leaders within Azania (South Africa) are indelibly recorded in our consciousness, like Sharpsville before these. The document says we condemn military incursions by the Republic of South Africa into the independent nation of Zambia on the pretext of pursuing guerilla fighters; we affirm that it is the right and Pan African responsibility of Zambia, Mozambique and the other front-line African states to give succor, support, assistance and safe bases for their brother freedom fighters of Zimbabwe, Namibia and Azania (South Africa). The document says we recognize the epochal significance of the MPLA victory in Angola and the consolidation of the revolutionary Peoples Republic of Angola; the present stage of struggle in southern Africa was set by the MPLA victory over United States imperialism which fought via its clients, including the Portuguese colonialists and the CIA-sponsored Savimbi-Roberto renegade traitors. The document says it is imperative that our 30 million people of African descent here in the belly of United States imperialism have a firm understanding of the present context of liberation struggles in southern Africa. The document says the Kissinger State Department has embarked upon a stepped-up program to woo and win b1ack American endorsement of USA policies in Africa. The document asks people to contribute to the liberation forces and to contribute to the reconstruction of Angola. The document asks people to write to both the US Senators and US Representative for your area demanding his/her support for (a) USA recognition of the Peoples Republic of Angola, (b) USA voting to seat the Peoples Republic of Angola in the United Nations,(c) an immediate halt to USA diplomatic relations with the Republic of South Africa and (d) a total ban on all commercial interaction of USA-based business with corporate subsidiaries, other businesses or governmental agencies within the Republic of South Africa. The speech discusses Ian Smith, Vorster, Jonas Savimbi, Holden Roberto, Henry Kissinger, William Schaufele, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Eldridge Cleaver, the Black Panthers, Patrick Moynihan, Clarence Mitchell, the NAACP, Pearl Bailey, Vernon Jordan, the National Urban League, Reverend Leon Sullivan, Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC), Jesse Jackson, Bishop H.H. Brookins, People United to Save Humanity (PUSH), General Motors Corporation, Ronald Reagan, Senator Richard Schweiker, Richard M. Nixon, the Peace Corps, UNITA, the Sixth Pan African Congress in Dar Es Salaam, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and the OAU Liberation Committee. [Note: the correct spelling of the township is Sharpeville.]
Used by permission of the Patrice Lumumba Coalition.
Collection: Kenneth K. Martin Southern Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections