[Dear Mr. Secretary: The members of the Executive Committee of the Lutheran Council in the USA, ...]

by George S. Schultz, Edward A. Lindell, Herbert A. Mueller, Robert J. Marshall, David W. Preus, Jacob A. O Preus, Milton Carpenter, Vernon A. Mohr, Philip L. Wahlberg Jr., George F. Harkins, Lutheran Council in the USA
New York, New York, United States
May 18, 1976
Publisher: Lutheran Council in the USA
2 pages
Type: Correspondence
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Letter to Henry A. Kissinger, Secretary of State, by members of the Executive Committee of the Lutheran Council in the USA, consisting of chief officials and representatives of the three largest Lutheran Church bodies in the U.S.A. The letter notes Kissinger's expressions of support for majority rule in Southern Africa, especially in Zimbabwe and Namibia. The letter says on 20 November, 1974, we wrote to you about some of our concerns as they relate to the people of Namibia and urged specific actions in response to them. The letter urges early positive consideration and a generous funding commitment for the Namibia Institute which will provide Namibians with education and training so as to strengthen their efforts to acquire freedom and will equip them for participation in government and other service on various levels; concurrence with the principles (validity) of the Decree passed on 27 September, 1974 by the U.N. Council for Namibia to protect the natural wealth and resources of that country and denial of U.S.A. protection to those who violate its provisions; Early positive consideration for joining the U.N. Council for Namibia to assist the council in implementing as much of its mandate as is practical and possible. The letter says we are all painfully aware of the harsh enforcement of the repressive Terrorism Act which is illegally imposed on Namibia by South Africa; this notorious piece of legislation, which violates the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people of Namibia, has been condemned as a violation of the rule of law not only by eminent international legal authorities and legal societies, but by eminent bar associations in South Africa itself; the General Assembly and Security Council of the United Nations has called on South Africa to cease application of the Terrorism Act. In spite of this, the courts have sentenced two people to death. The letter says in view of the 31 August compliance date for Security Council Resolution 385, we urge that the United States government continue to affirm its unequivocal support of every part 9f the Resolution, pressing for South Africa's withdrawal from Namibia and the right of all Namibians to determine their own future by free election under UN supervision and control. The letter discusses Aaron Mushimba, Henrik Shikongo, Anna Ngaihondjwa and Rauna Nambinga.
Used by permission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Collection: Kenneth K. Martin Southern Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections