INVESTMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA? A one-day informational consultation on U.S. Investments in South Africa

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Undated, about March or early April 1979
8 pages
Brochure advertising consultation on U.S. investments in South Africa at Central United Methodist Church on April 21, 1979 featuring Bill Sutherland, AFSC liaison with Southern Africa; Peter Walshe, South African Professor at University of Notre Dame; John Makatini, representative from the African National Congress (ANC) to the U.N.; Tim Smith, Director, Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility; A Corporate Representative; Phyllis Jordan, South African; and Nadine Brown, writer Michigan Chronicle.The brochure says workshops include Investment vs. disinvestment, Models of Political Development, Women's rights, Legislation in Michigan, Audio-visual presentations, Role of the Media, Role of Labor Unions, and History of liberation struggles. The brochure says the planning committee is Jaffray Cuyler, Bill Daniels, Herb Glenn, Rick Houghton, Don Lester, Glenn MacBride, Joan Michalik, and Bill Moldwin. The brochure says the sponsors are African Aid Appeal; American Baptist Churches; American Friends Service Committee; Archdiocese of Detroit; Baptist Pastors' Council; Christian Communication Council of Metropolitan Detroit Churches; Church and Society, Diocese of Michigan; Coalition for Corporate Responsible Investments (Michigan-Indiana); Groundwork for a Just World; Human Concerns, Presbytery of Detroit; Michigan Synod, Lutheran Church of America, Southeastern Michigan Food Coalition, United Church of Christ; United Methodists, Detroit Conference; UAW (United Auto Workers).
Used by permission of several of the sponsors including the American Friends Service Committee.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root