[Dear Friend: This letter, to accompany the Annual Report of ACOA's work in 1968, was ready to send to you when, on February third, the tragic news came of the assassination of Dr. Eduardo Mondlane …]

by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
February 1969
3 pages
Cover letter for the American Committee on Africa’s Annual Report for 1968. It discusses the tragic news in February 1969 of the assassination of Dr. Eduardo Mondlane, President of Frelimo, the Mozambique Liberation Front, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The mailing includes Up-to-Date with ACOA. The mailing discusses South African Airways, the Ministry of Transport, the Red Cross, U Thant, NATO, the Sugar Act of 1948, John H. Crooker, Jr., the Azores, Cabinda, Gulf Oil, the Soviet Union, Britain, an arms embargo, bulk food supplies, high-protein supplements to save children, tourists, and transit camps and relocation centers. • Apartheid Arrives in New York • U. S. Policy on Nigeria/Biafra • Portugal in Africa and the U.S. in Portugal • Subsidizing South Africa through the Sugar Quota • ACTION Needed [Note: the Annual Report that is mentioned is available on this website as a separate PDF.]
Used by permission Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root