ACOA Food Memo

The Situation in Brief
by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
August 18, 1968
4 pages
Type: Memorandum
Coverage in Africa: Ethiopia, Nigeria
Coverage outside Africa: United States, France, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Language: English
The memorandum says as this bulletin was written, negotiations in Addis Ababa had slowed almost to an impasse, with heads of both the Nigerian and Biafran delegations absent; neither in Addis Ababa nor in negotiations between the international relief agencies and the conflicting parties bad agreement been reached on routes for massive supplies to reach starving people; meanwhile, Nigerian forces launched a "final" military push from north and south simultaneously, while Biafran forces were strengthened by support from the French government. The memorandum says Nigeria, alarmed by the possibility of French military supplies being flown in, stiffened her position against an airlift and fired on a Red Cross plane; while Biafra reaffirmed her fear that land routes would open the war for Nigerian forces now harassed both by muddy roads and streams and by guerrilla-type action. The memorandum says a Swedish pilot, Count Carl-Gustav von Rosen, opened up a new route into Biafra territory which avoided Nigerian fire. The memorandum says the U.S. sent a special envoy, C. Robert Moore, to Geneva to join talks concerning immediate emergency aid. The memorandum asks people to Write or wire to the President at once, urging initiative by the United States to get the massive airlift going. The memorandum asks people to urge the Secretary of State to convene at once a conference of government experts and all agencies that can contribute to immediate implementation of relief operations. The memorandum asks people to build public support, in addition to your own, for this call to the President and the Secretary of State to act. The memorandum discusses the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Emperor Halle Selassie, the Swiss Red Cross, the Cross River and Calabar areas, Vice President Humphrey, oil, the Soviet Union, Caritas, the World Council if Churches, UNICEF, ICRC, Oxfam, the American Jewish Emergency Effort for Biafran Relief, the American Committee to Keep Biafra Alive, Afro-Vanguard, the African Emergency Relief Organization, and the Nigerian Students Union in America. • The Situation in Brief • The Famine • U.S. Food Supply • Immediate Action • Answers to Questions • What Else Is Happening
Used by permission Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root