by Georgia Power Project
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Undated, about late 1973 or early 1974
2 pages
Type: Postcard
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The document includes detachable postcards to Alvin W. Vogtle, President, Southern Company; Thomas W. Gleason, President, International Longshoremen's Association; and the Georgia Power Project in Atlanta. The document says Southern Company - the holding company that owns Georgia Power, Alabama Power, Mississippi Power and Gulf Power - has signed a contract to import 500,000 tons of coal from South Africa in 1974 and 750,000 tons in 1975. Southern currently buys its coal for these plants from northern Alabama and western Kentucky, where about 375 miners will be thrown out of work. This contract comes just when the United Mine Workers of America are organizing for better wages and working conditions. The document says Southern and other electric companies oppose sulfur emission control devices, even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says they are currently available. Importing low-sulfur South African coal means Southern does not have to install them. The document says Southern can profitably import coal from 9,000 miles away only because black South African workers are required by law to work at low pay and without safety regulations. Use the attached postcards to tell the Southern Company you want the coal stopped; to ask the Longshoremen's Union, which must unload the coal, to support a boycott; and to tell us we have your support. The document discusses apartheid, the United Nations General Assembly, passbooks, black workers, economic sanctions, unions, the vote, and mine safety. • SUPPORT AMERICAN MINES! • SUPPORT CLEAN AIR! • SUPPORT AFRICAN WORKERS! • NO SUPPORT FOR SOUTH AFRICA! • BOYCOTT THE COAL!
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root