[AFRICA NETWORK, which is an organization for resources, information, and action on South/Southern Africa, ...]

by Africa Network
with TransAfrica
Chicago, Illinois, United States
March 30, 1984
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Nations
Language: English
This letter from Africa Network lists questions about South Africa and U.S. policy to post to candidates in the 1984 elections. The mailing discusses "constructive engagement" and says the U.S. has used its veto at the United Nations to block significant action against apartheid South Africa. An update produced by TransAfrica discusses legislation pending before Congress which would freeze further investments in South Africa, the Export Administration Act, the South African Investment Prohibition Act, Rep. William Gray, the Solarz bill (HR 1693), Sullivan principles, Berman amendment (HR 1877), Export Control Act, shock batons, HR 1020 sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel, nuclear material, H CON RES 42, William Coyne, honorary South African consulates, H.J. RES 240 and 241, Rep. George Crockett, Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Pollsmoor Prison, H. CON RES. 112, Rep. Julian Dixon, and the Congressional Black Caucus.
Used by permission of former members of Africa Network.
Collection: Selma Waldman collection on the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid (SCCA), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections