SOUTH AFRICA Information Packet

by Washington Office on Africa, The Washington Office on Africa Educational Fund
with Jean Sindab, Kenneth Zlnn, Mellisa Pullins, Jackie Wilson, Janet Jakobsen, Randy Nunnelee, Dan Little
Washington, DC, United States
October 1984
Publisher: The Washington Office on Africa Educational Fund
20 pages
The packet contains five FACT SHEETS and four ACTION SHEETS. They discuss the Washington Office on Africa, U.S. corporate support of apartheid, computers, motor vehicles, heavy machinery, military hardware, U.S. bank loans, oil, the Sullivan Principles, divestment, state and municipal legislation, bank withdrawals, Krugerrands, national legislation, South African propaganda, material aid, union solidarity, product boycott, South African teach-ins, the African National Congress (ANC), the Black Consciousness Movement, black townships, forced removals, FRELIMO (Front for the Liberation of Mozambique), the Frontline States, migrant laborers, MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola), MNR (Mozambique National Resistance), the National Party, the Nkomati Peace Accord, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), pass laws and influx control laws, race classification, the Sharpevllle Massacre, the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO), the Soweto Uprising, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Bophuthatswana, Lebowa, Ndebele, Gazankulu, Venda, Basotho-Qwaqwa, Kwazulu, Transkei, Ciskei, malnutrition, poverty, doctors, the Group Areas Act, the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, the Suppression of Communism Act, the Terrorism Act, Imprisonment, detention, torture, murder, black churches, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Chief Albert J. Luthuli, liberation movements, Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), Nelson Mandela, Robert McNamara, IBM, Ford, General Motors (GM), Caterpillar Tractor, Exxon, Caltex, Mobil, Sun City, Winnie Mandela, prison population, the International Court of Justice, Kassinga, refugees, the League of Nations, and black spots. Contents: STOP SUPPORT FOR APARTHEID • ORGANIZE AGAINST APARTHEID • LITERATURE LIST • GLOSSARY • UNDERSTANDING APARTHEID • APARTHEID'S GRAND DESIGN: the bantustans • SEPARATE & NOT EQUAL: education & health • THE STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE: repression & resistance • APARTHEID'S WARS
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the Africa Policy Information Center).
Collection: Aubrey McCutcheon papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections