i.d.a.f. news notes

(Issue No. 36)
by International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
with Geoffrey Wisner (editor), Kenneth Carstens
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
August 1988
Publisher: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
8 pages
Contents: Hiding the Story • Good News from Zimbabwe • Boston Area Supporters! • Fax Machine Needed • Editorial Overview • Southern Africa News Calendar May, June and July 1988 • Still an Emergency • "Severest Censorship in the World" • Acronyms and Abbreviations • The newsletter includes excerpts of a talk by Lee Lescaze, the deputy foreign news editor of the Wall Street Journal, at Harvard University's Center for International Affairs on the topic "Trying to Hide the Story: Media Coverage of South Africa". The newsletter discusses the Bureau for Information, Zwelakhe Sisulu, the New Nation, President Reagan, David Coltart, Intikab Esat, Mordecai Mahlangu, ZANU, ZAPU, Bulawayo, Matabeleland, Saamstaan, Oudtshoom, detentions, treatment of prisoners, apartheid, the Front Line States, bombings, Frank Chikane, the State of Emergency, Gordon Webster, MNR, Anglican Bishop James Kauluma, the Transkei Bantustan, the Red Cross, the Namibian Council of Churches, the Katutura ghetto, SWAPO, ANC (African National Congress), Mthetheleli Mncube, Mzondeleli Nondula, Chester Crocker, Cuban troops, P.W. Botha, Sam Nujoma, detainees, the UDF (United Democratic Front), Inkatha, the Lawaaikamp shantytown, NUSAS, the Black Sash, Zola Budd, COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Unions), UNITA, the Labor Relations Amendment Bill, the National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU), the OAU (Organization of African Unity) Liberation Committee, Gabu Tugwana, the International Human Rights Law Group, Andre Brink, "Pik" Botha, Defense Minister Magnus Malan, Fernando van Dunem, Desmond Tutu, death squads, vigilante groups, the Catholic Institute for International Relations, Peter Harris, the Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, Home Affairs Minister Stoffel Botha, kwaNdebele, the Dutch Reformed Church, Foreign Secretary Howe, Catholic Archbishop Dennis Hurley, Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union, Foreign Minister Genscher, the EEC (European Economic Community), Zaire, Frederik van Zyl Siabbert, IDASA, ANC (African National Congress), the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), Pollsmoor prison, Ovamboland, Oswald Shivute, Proclamation AG9, riot police, the House Banking Committee, Max Coleman, the Detainees' Parents Support Committee (DPSC), MNR, the Association of Chambers of Commerce, Ashley Forbes, SADF (South African Defence Force), Christopher Martin, Thabo Mbeki, chemical warfare, the World Gold Commission, Nelson Mandela, Joseph Klue, Dulcie September, sanctions, Russell Marshall, Govan Mbeki, the Sharpeville Six, Robert Mugabe, Kenneth Kaunda, Oliver Tambo, Nomonde Ngubo, NUM (National Union of Mineworkers), Shell Oil, the Soweto uprising, George De'Ath, the Crossroads squatter camp, Gwen Lister, Mig-23 fighters, the Reagan Administration, the Rossing uranium mine, the Soweto Civic Association, Nthato Motlana, Jonas Savimbi, the UN Security Council, Rep. Walter Fauntroy, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Andimba Toivo ja Toivo, radar tracking equipment, the UN arms embargo, West Germany, the South African Council of Churches (SACC), Zephaniah Mothopeng, PAC (Pan Africanist Congress), the Group Areas Act, Zollie Malindi, Buzlelani Nscuka, Veronica Simmers, Omar Avaca, Ngconde Balfour, Nabs Wessels, Salee Moosa, Jonathan Shapiro, Rehana Roussouw, Trevor Manuel, Ebrahim Rassool, Mountain Qumbela, Hilda Ndude, the Cape Youth Congress, Mzonke "Whitey" Jacobs, Neil Kinnock, Mines and Workers Amendment Act, Michael Dukakis, Rory Maguire, NAACP, TransAfrica, Randall Robinson, Pope john Paul II, David Bruce, censorship, the film Cry Freedom, Donald Woods, Steve Biko, the International Olympic Committee, Olivia Forsyth, and kitskonstabel. [Note: Toivo's name is often spelled Toivo ya Toivo.]
Used by permission of a former staff member of the International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee.
Collection: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee (Geoff Wisner collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections