i.d.a.f. news notes

by International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
with Geoffrey Wisner (editor), Kenneth N. Carstens
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
December 1984
Publisher: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
8 pages
Contents: Prisoners of Conscience: An interview with the Reverend Richard Stevens • Thank you • News Notes Needs Your Help • New Book • Southern Africa News Calendar October and November 1984 • Note on Terminology • TRIALS AND DETENTIONS ARE CONTINUING! • Acronyms and Abbreviations • The newsletter reports on November 27, 1984 the Reverend Richard Stevens appeared at a benefit reception for Amnesty International Boston; Mr. Stevens, a minister in South Africa's Dutch Reformed Church Sendingkerk (for Coloureds), is now working on his doctorate in theology at Princeton University. The newsletter includes material drawn from Mr. Stevens' talk at the reception and from an interview conducted afterward by IDAF. The newsletter discusses apartheid, Nelson, Mandela, the Dutch Reformed Church, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Allan Boesak, Afrikaners, the University of the Western Cape, the University of Cape Town, Student Action for Nonracial Education (SANE), Steve Biko, Neil Aggett, SASO (South African Students' Organization), FNLA, ANC (African National Congress), Foreign Minister "Pik" Botha, President P.W. Botha, Commissioner of Police Johan Coetsee, Popo Molefe, the UDF (United Democratic Front), Prime Minister Robert Mugabe, Harvard University's Committee on Shareholder Responsibility, the FBI, sanctions, divestment, Jerry Kau, the National Auto and Allied Workers Union (NAAW), the Ciskei bantustan, Lesotho Prime Minister Leabua Jonathan, MNR, President Samora Machel, Evo Fernandes, the Nkomati accord, trade, U.S. bank loans, the South African military and police, Law and Order Minister Louis le Grange, Archie Gumede, the British consulate, Murugan Naidoo, Goerge Sewpersad, Mewa Ramgobin, President Reagan, "constructive engagement", SADF (South African Defence Force), 21 Battalion, Billy Nair, Paul David, Justice van Heerden, Kader Hassim, French Foreign Minister Claude Cheysson, UN Resolution 435, the Contact Group, military conscription, the Citizenship Amendment Act, the Council of South African Students (COSAS), British MP Donald Anderson, the Natal Indian Congress, the Mariental prison camp, the Kassinga refugee camp, AG9, the Nobel Peace Prize, Bishop Desmond Tutu, detainees, Gen. Jacinto Veloso, banned persons, the UN Special Committee Against Apartheid, Archbishop Dennis Hurley, the Koevoet counterinsurgency force, the Catholic Church, President Daniel arap Moi, Cuban troops in Angola, Peter Storey, the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, the British Anti-Apartheid Movement, arms smuggling, township of Sebokeng, Trevor Manuel, Boipatong, the PFP (Progressive Federal Party), Malawian President Hastings Banda, SWAFT (South West Africa Territorial Force), SWAPO (South West Africa People's Organization), the Council of Churches in Namibia, Soweto, rubber bullets, tear gas, Dirk Mudge , DTA (Democratic Turnhalle Alliance), Moses Katjiuongua, SWANU, Andreas Shipanga, SWAPO-D, the SACC (South African Council of Churches), Trevor Armstong Tutu, Denis Worrall, the Kwazakela township, kaNgwane, kwaZulu, the Vaal Triangle, Johnson Hlubi, the Orange Vaal General Workers Union, the Council of Unions of South Africa (CUSA), the National Union of Mineworkers, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, diamond smuggling, Zulu chief Gatsha Buthelezi, Ngwavuma, Assistant Secretary of State Chester Crocker, Defense Minister Magnus Malan, Administrator General of Namibia Dr. Willie van Niekerk, the Labor Party, Zola Budd, Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Defense Minister Rabin, the Transvaal Regional Stayaway Committee, the Rotanda Civic Association, Daniel Nkosi, Thomas Motsile, Chris Dlamini, the Metal and Allied Workers Union, the Media and Research Services Union, the Release Mandela Committee, the Municipal and General Workers Union, the Detainees' Parents Support Committee, the Sweet Food and Allied Workers Union, Sasol, Black Christmas, Mongezi Radebe, Matsoso Ramakoa, the Sharpeville Civic Association, UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola), MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola), SACTU (South African Congress of Trade Unions), Kate Philip, NUSAS (National Union of South African Students), Guy Berger of the Media and Research Services, John Campbell, the Metal and Allied Workers Union, the Vaal Ministers Solidarity Committee, the Rev. Lord McCamel, Steve Tshete, the OAU (Organization of African Unity), Helen Suzman, the Prohibition of Political Interference Act, St. Paul's Cathedral, Angolan President dos Santos, Julius Nyerere, Witness Mangwende, Ivor Lang, Benjamin Tucker, Sir Geoffrey Howe, the South African Institute of Race Relations, PAC (Pan Africanist Congress), Black Consciousness organizations, Walter Fauntroy, the Association of Chambers of Commerce, the Criminal Procedures Act, Cyril Ramaphosa, Charles Hayes, Joseph Lowery, the United Auto Workers (UAW), Edward Kennedy, the Federated Chamber of Industries, and Andimba Toivo ja Toivo. [Note: Toivo's name is often spelled Toivo ya Toivo.]
Used by permission of a former staff member of the International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee.
Collection: International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, United States Committee (Geoff Wisner collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections