by Coalition Against South African Trade
Seattle, Washington, United States
Undated, about August or September 1987, possibly a little later
8 pages
Type: Pamphlet
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Zambia
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Europe, Germany, Israel, United Nations
Language: English
The pamphlet says dangerous shipments of South African uranium hexafluoride have been trafficking through the Seattle port in 1986-1987 in violation of the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act passed by Congress over President Reagan's veto. The Coalition Against South African Trade (CAST) has formed in the Puget Sound area to stop these shipments. The pamphlet says that, as the Act was being passed in 1986, uranium dealers rushed to import 7,194 metric tons of the South African ore into the U.S.; the previous yearly high, in 1985, was only 2,395 metric tons. The pamphlet says a 300-page report by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory confirms U.S. satellite evidence of an atomic blast conducted by South Africa - and probably Israel - in 1979. The pamphlet says that, in late spring 1986, an over-pressurized canister of UF6 blew up at a Kerr-McGee production plant in Gore, Oklahoma. The United Nations General Assembly revoked South Africa's mandate to administer Namibia, but South Africa has increased its military presence there and its attacks on the South West African People's Organization (SWAPO). The pamphlet includes an excerpt from Decree #1 issued by the United Nations Council for Namibia in 1974 and quotes by Abdul Minty of the World Campaign Against Nuclear Collaboration with South Africa and Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia. The pamphlet discusses the Frontline States, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Kraftwerk Union (KWU), Siemens, Valendaba, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Bechtel Corporation, Wineberger, and Schultz. • A Coalition Builds • South African Uranium Hexafluoride Gas • Destination Hanford: Who is Advanced Nuclear Fuels? • South Africa and the Nuclear Bomb • Why UF6 Endangers our Safety and Health • Violations of International Law and The Namibian Miners
Used by permission of former members of the Coalition Against South African Trade.
Collection: Selma Waldman collection on the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid (SCCA), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections