by Seattle-Daliwe Sister Community Project
with Grahamstown Rural Committee, U.S.-South Africa Sister Community Project, Mike Mann
Seattle, Washington, United States
March 1990
32 pages
Type: Packet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: SECTION 1: BACKGROUND ON DALIWA • SECTION 2: US-SOUTH AFRICA SISTER COMMUNITY PROJECT • SECTION 3: LOCAL ORGANIZING • SECTION 4: PRESS CLIPS FROM SOUTH AFRICA • SECTION 5: MISCELLANEOUS • The packet includes: REPORT OF THE US-SA SISTER COMMUNITY PROJECT, CATHCART/DALIWE; excerpts of an issue of the G.R.C. Newsletter (No. 9 February 1988) published by the Grahamstown Rural Committee; WHAT YOU CAN DO, a brochure by the U.S.-South Africa Sister Community Project; an action alert FATE OF THREATENED COMMUNITIES STILL BANGS IN BALANCE by the U.S.-South Africa Sister Community Project; a leaflet advertising an event on Thursday, March 29th at New Hope Baptist Church featuring a direct phone link-up between the Seattle Anti-Apartheid Community, Mayor Norm Rice, and the Residents of Daliwe; and a press release LOCAL SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT AGREES TO SPARE BLACK TOWNSHIP by the City of Saint Paul. The packet includes reprints of articles including "Homes bulldozed as established community moves out 3 km", "Daliwe's homeless blind woman dies", "Daliwe principal said to have quit", "Cathcart pupils' prayer session deemed illegal", "Cathcart groups meet to discuss end to boycott", "Cathcart unrest leaves town tense - mayor", "Running street battles in Cathcart township", "2nd Cathcart march gets the go-ahead", "Cathcart struck by consumer boycott", "Stromberg RSC notes needy areas", "Mayor not welcome at Fundani function", "Sod turned for new R4m school in Katikati", "Cathcart boycott caused by hall's demolition - claim", "Phone call opens St. Paul-South Africa relationship", "St. Paul adopts South African township as sister city", and "St. Paul Kids, S. Africa residents talk". The packet discusses the Daliwa Residents Association, the local black authorities of Cathcart/Katikati, the Seattle City Council, Kenneth Sikide, the Daliwe Residents' Committee, Mike Kenyon, the Border Region of the Cape Province, Ciskei, Transkei, Katikati police force, semi-automatic weapons, apartheid, rent boycott, F.W. de Klerk, Anne Poirier, Mayor Sili, Ambassador William L. Swing, Mike Mann, Washington SANE/Freeze, Marjorie Prince, the Stromberg Regional Service Council, Councilman Bill Wilson, Reverend Oliver White, the municipality of George, Saint Paul-Lawaaikamp Sister Communities, the George Civil Association, Mayor George Latimer, and Mrs. Pupa. [Note: this packet may have been given out at a meeting at New Hope Baptist Church on March 29.]
Collection: Selma Waldman collection on the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid (SCCA), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections