(Vol. 3, No. 3)
by TransAfrica Forum
Washington, DC
June-July 1984
6 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique, South Africa, Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents:  MOZAMBIQUE: VULNERABILITY AND PRINCIPLES • REAGANWATCH: AMERICAN-MOZAMBICAN RELATIONS • DESTABILIZATION AND HISTORICAL DEPENDENCY • DOCUMENT: THE NKOMATI ACCORD • The newsletter issue discusses the Nkomati Accord, a nonaggression agreement between Mozambique and South Africa. The agreement was not a surprise, since Angola had reached an understanding with South Africa the month before. Western governments and mainstream press saw this as a success of Reagan's ''constructive engagement'' policy and of South Africa's policy of "thump and talk'' and as a harbinger of peace and stability in southern Africa. Anti-apartheid forces and their supporters, however, viewed the Accord as coercion of a principled but vulnerable Mozambique and as diverting attention from apartheid as the root cause of southern Africa's instability. The ISSUE BRIEF examines U.S. relations with Mozambique and the critical situation in that country. It also includes an interview with Roberta Washington, who worked in Mozambique for over four years for the Ministry of Public Works and currently coordinates the Mozambican Resource Center in New York City. The newsletter mentions the African National Congress (ANC), the FRELIMO government, the Southern Africa Development Coordinating Council (SADCC), Rhodesia, Robert Mugabe, ZANU, the World Bank, the Lomé Convention, Mozambican National Resistance (MNR or Renamo), Southern Africa Transportation and Communication Commission (SATCC), Beira, Maputo, ports, and TransAfrica Forum staff Niikwao Akuetteh, Cecelie Counts, James Steele, Menda Ahart, and Randall Robinson.
Used by permission of TransAfrica Forum.
Collection: George M. Houser (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections