(Number Five)
by State-Wide Anti-Apartheid Networks, American Friends Service Committee
Seattle, Washington, United States
March/April 1987
Publisher: American Friends Service Committee, State-Wide Anti-Apartheid Networks
8 pages
Contents: VOICES FROM SOUTH AFRICA • Legislation: What Next? • Freedom Charter • ALVIN AILEY DANCE COMPANY HONORS THE MANDELAS • Updates • CAMPUS NEWS • COMMUNITY NEWS • REGIONAL REPORTS . The newsletter reports that anti-apartheid leaders Reverend Zachariah Mokgoebo and Rabbi Ben Isaacman, will appear in Seattle at the end of a six-week tour of Europe and the U.S. It also asks people to urge their Representative to co-sponsor a bill introduced by Congressmen Leland, Dixon, Grey, and others that will give financial aid to SADCC, the South African Development Coordinating Conference. The newsletter reports that Congressman Danemeyer of California has introduced H.R. 340 to give additional financial aid to the UNITA bandits in Angola. The newsletter reports that several anti-apartheid bills are progressing in both in the House and Senate of the state of Washington. HB 823, sponsored by Locke, Niemi, Obrien, etc., would restrict state investment in South African-active companies; HB 1028 would support the use of stockholder resolutions on apartheid-related issues; HB 1029 would encourage the state to purchase goods and services from companies that are not active in South Africa (known as selective purchasing); and Senate Bill 5658 introduced by Fleming and McDermott would require state divestment. The newsletter reports that Sen. Bill Yellowtail has introduced SB 244 in the Montana State Legislature that will prohibit the investment of state funds in firms doing business in South Africa. The newsletter also reports that, in Seattle in April, the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, the leading black dance group in the U.S., will perform "Survivors," a piece based on the lives of Winnie and Nelson Mandela. It was choreographed in 1986, with music by Max Roach. Students Against Apartheid at the University of Washington meets regularly on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. in HUB; on April 8, there will be a public forum on apartheid with Bishop Tutu via conference call. The newsletter reports that Sathasivan (Saths) Cooper of the Azanian People’s Organization will speak at U.W. The University of Washington Extension Lectures will present a lecture on Southern Africa with Gerald Bender. The Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid holds weekly demonstrations at the South African Consulate in Seattle on Sundays. The newsletter reports that the City Council of Denver voted on December 22 by 11-2 in favor of divestment. It also reports that Dean Farsani was released on December 4; a delegation of the American Friends Service Committee, Colorado Coalition Against Apartheid, National Namibia Concerns, and eight other civil and religious groups went to Bill Armstrong's office to ask their help in the release of Farasani. The newsletter discusses the Soweto Civic Association, "Belydende Kring," the Dutch Reformed Church, Reverend Allan Boesak, the Kairos Document, Har-El, New Jewish Agenda, KADIMA, Bria Chakofsky, Mickey Leland, Julius Dixon, Bill Gray, the Black Peoples Convention, Sharpeville Day, Linda Taylor, and the African National Congress (ANC).
Used by permission of American Friends Service Committee.
Collection: Selma Waldman collection on the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid (SCCA), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections