END Corporate Support of Apartheid BREAK Seattle's Ties with Racist South Africa

by U.S. Out of Southern Africa Network, Seattle Coalition in Solidarity with Black South African Resistance
Seattle, Washington, United States
Undated, second half of 1984 or 1985?
Publisher: Seattle Coalition
1 page
The leaflet says IBM is the largest supplier and servicer of data-processing equipment in South Africa. At least one-third of its business in South Africa is directly with the racist government; it provides computers that implement the hated pass laws, control the flow of migratory labor, and link into the central data bank in Johannesburg that keeps tabs on all of South Africa’s adult black population. The leaflet says Holiday Inn runs a chain of whites-only hotels in South Africa. Total U.S. financial involvement in South Africa in 1982 was $14 billion, including $2.5 billion in direct investment, $3.8 billion in bank loans, and $7.6 billion in stock holding. The leaflet includes quotations from the African National Congress (ANC) and J.B. Vorster, former Prime Minister of South Africa • FACTS ABOUT DIVESTMENT
Collection: Selma Waldman collection on the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid (SCCA), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections