[Dear Member of the World Affairs Council: You are preparing to honor Dean Acheson on October 10, 1969]

by Loraine Samsel, Committee of Returned Volunteers
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
October 4, 1969
Publisher: Committee of Returned Volunteers
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Portugal, United Kingdom
Language: English
Copy of a letter to members of the World Affairs Council opposing an award to Dean Acheson to be given at its October 10, 1969 dinner. Acheson’s support for the ABM and the war in Vietnam have already led some members to refuse to attend the dinner. Members of Committee of Returned Volunteers note that Acheson’s consistent support of white racism and Portuguese colonialism in Southern Africa is equally reproachable as his views on military preparedness and the Vietnam war. The letter notes that Dean Acheson has consistently opposed sanctions on Rhodesia, thus justifying the continued existence of white racist rule in that country. Acheson’s views on Southern Africa have been lauded and disseminated by numerous right-wing organizations with special interests in Southern Africa, such as the American-African Affairs Association, Inc. (co-chairmen, William A. Rusher and Max Yergan) and The Overseas Companies of Portugal. The letter says that honoring Dean Acheson gives support to the suppression of black people in Southern Africa. If the award dinner is held, we will join with African students and Afro-Americans in public protest of your support of white racism, and we urge you to join us. The mailing discusses UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence), the legal sovereignty of Great Britain, NATO, Salazar, and Foreign Minister of Portugal Franco Nogueira.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers