by Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid
Seattle, Washington, United States
Undated, January 1985?
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet about the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid says the coalition was formed in December, 1984 to pressure federal, state and local government and U.S. corporations and institutions to stop their support of apartheid and to show solidarity with the struggle for liberation and self-determination of the oppressed majority in South Africa. The Coalition has been holding weekly pickets aimed at closing the South African Consulate in Seattle, in conjunction with similar efforts in other U.S. cities where consulates are located. Thus far, the Consulates in Pittsburgh, Boston and Portland, Oregon have closed as the result of this pressure. TransAfrica has spearheaded the Free South Africa Movement. Since August, Black South African have been engaged in a massive and militant upsurge of protest against the racist government. The leaflet discusses the Reagan Administration and the Krugerrand. The leaflet asks people to attend a County Council meeting on January 21. Contacts listed are Gerald Lenoir or Randy Carter. • TRANS AFRICA MOBILIZES • THE STRUGGLE IN SOUTH AFRICA • U.S. POLICY SUPPORTS APARTHEID • ANTI-APARTHEID EFFORT IN SEATTLE • CURRENT ACTIONS AGAINST APARTHEID IN SEATTLE • COME TO COUNTY COUNCIL MEETING TO SUPPORT DIVESTMENT PROPOSAL • SEATTLE COALITION AGAINST APARTHEID PRINCIPLES OF UNITY
Used by permission of former members of the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid.
Collection: Southern Africa Solidarity in the U.S. Pacific Northwest (Selma Waldman collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections