by Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy, Chicago Coalition on Southern Africa, Mid-West Coalition for Liberation of Southern Africa, Clergy & Laity Concerned, Steve Biko Memorial Committee
Chicago, Illinois, United States
March 1979
Publisher: Steve Biko Memorial Committee
2 pages
Leaflet advertises an evening of solidarity with the peoples of South Africa on March 21, Sharpeville Day, at Wellington Avenue Church. On March 21, 1960, several thousand men, women and children demonstrated peacefully against the apartheid passbook system at Sharpeville, and the South African police opened fire on the unarmed people, killing 60 and wounding 188. One week later, the government declared a State of Emergency and 20,000 people were detained. The leaflet says the event is sponsored by Clergy & Laity Concerned, the Chicago Coalition on Southern Africa, Mid-West Coalition for Liberation of Southern Africa, Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy, and Steve Biko Memorial Committee. The program includes “The Struggle for Freedom in South Africa & the U.S.” by Dr. Cheryl Johnson, Director, Afro-American Studies, Loyola University; “Dilemma of the Western Nations: Southern Africa” by Joseph Mabwa, Department of Oriental and African Languages, Northwestern University; and Fund Appeal for Steve Biko Memorial Committee by Ronelle Mustin, National Anti-Imperialist Movement in Solidarity with African Liberation (NAIMSAL). The program also includes Afro-Jazz Folk-Fusion with Paul Berliner, musicologist and composer, Northwestern University and KUDO (Bass: Bill Harrison; Drums: Jim Goodkind). The program includes a film APARTHEID - SPORT about sports conditions in South Africa and African nations’ boycott of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Other people listed on the program include Dolores Griffith, Co-Chairperson, Steve Biko Memorial Committee; Melvin Smith, Master of Ceremonies; Rev. David Chevrier, Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ; and Angela Jackson, Chicago poet. The leaflet advertises an upcoming presentation by Sean Gervasi, a Professor of Economics and United Nations researcher and expert on the sale of arms to Southern Africa, and a week of action on April 4 - 11 to support Southern African liberation, including a demonstration on April 7 and a speaker on Namibia on April 10.
Used by permission of former members of Chicago Coalition on Southern Africa,  former members of Clergy and Laity Concerned and former members of the Midwest Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa.
Collection: Southern Africa Solidarity in the U.S. Pacific Northwest (Selma Waldman collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections