by Southern Africa Anti-Mercenary Coalition
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, late 1978 or early 1979?
15 pages
Coverage in Africa: Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Text read during the presentation of a slideshow. The slideshow says today a war of national liberation raging in Zimbabwe, called Rhodesia by the white settlers; the people's army of the Patriotic Front has liberated 4/5 pf the country; on the other side is the reactionary army of Ian Smith, bolstered by thousands of white mercenaries from the US and Europe; in recent months, the stream of mercenary reinforcements for Smith has become a flood, until be now the 8,000 Rhodesian regulars are heavily outnumbered by 14,000 mercenary troops; these mercenaries honeycomb all levels of Smith’s army; using jets, rifles, napalm, and oil supplied by the US government, the mercenary filled army has carried out over 150 raids against refugee camps, killing more than 1.400 people, mostly mothers, young children and older people. The text says US arms manufacturers send field representatives to introduce the latest technology of terror while the US Army supplies the in-depth training in counter-insurgency techniques. The text says the last 20 years has seen a tremendous rise in mercenary activities all over the world; we cannot understand this change if we see mercenaries as individual hired killers fighting for personal gain; large mercenary armies are created by the need of imperialist governments to carry on military operations without the support or even knowledge of their electorates; from Nicaragua to Namibia these military operations prop up reactionary regimes that serve U.S. interests. The text says decades of non-Violent protest were met with the most ferocious brutality, forcing the Zimbabwean people to take up arms to liberate their homeland; the second war of Chimurenga is by the Patriotic Front composed of the Zimbabwe African National union headed by Robert Mugabe here on the left and the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union headed by Joshua Nkomo on the right. The text says the people of Namibia, led by the South West Africa People's Organization, SWAPO,  are now at a critical stage in their war against South Africa's colonial rule of their country. The text says the US is stepping up its convert military backing for Smith in the hopes of wiping out the revolutionary leadership of the Patriotic Front; this is why the US government allows Mobil Oil to send huge oil shipments to Rhodesia in flagrant violation of US law, this is why US weapons are smuggled to Rhodesia through third parties like Israel, South Africa and NATO; most American recruits are Viet Nam veterans with sophisticated weapons and counter-insurgency training. The text says at this moment, the NATO powers are openly planning a so-called “evacuation plan” for white settlers in Zimbabwe; this is nothing more than a pretext for a full scale US co-ordinated international invasion of Zimbabwe like we recently say in Zaire where these Belgium paratroopers and the French Foreign Legion were flown in to crush the popular Shaba uprising. The text discusses barbed wire concentration camps, "protected villages", Parirenyatwa Hospital Center, the Chindunduma school, mirage jets, bombs, international capitalist imperialism, ZANLA, ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union), the CIA, British imperialist Cecil Rhodes, colonialism, William Randolph Hearst, raw materials, minerals, profit for US investors, white settler colonial domination, a largely Black US Army, Andrew Young, Britain, France, West Germany, the Carter administration, Phoenix Associates, the Rhodesian Information Office, US marines, Larry Meyers, Major Nick Lamprecht, college campus ROTC programs, Lt. Col. Monte Bullard, Soldier of Fortune, Robert K. Brown, US Army Special Forces, Captain John Donovan, Lt. Col. Alex McColl, George Bacon, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA),Col. Jeff Cooper, the International Pistol Championships, Captain Rocky Kemp, Major Mike Williams, the Grey's Scouts, Congress, anti-communism, slavery, SWAT, the Black Liberation Movement, white settlers, the working class, national liberation movements, movies, the Wild Geese, Lumumba (Patrice Lumumba), Carter (President Carter), and lifting the Rhodesian economic embargo.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Anti-Mercenary Coalition.
Collection: Selma Waldman collection on the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid (SCCA), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections