by All African Peoples Union, Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
March 1970
Publisher: Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa, All African Peoples Union,
2 pages
Speakers on the schedule include: Dennis Brutus, South African exile and poet and leader of the movement to keep racist South Africa out of the Olympics; David Wiley; Donald Harris; Linda Ewen; Rukudzo Murapa, from Zimbabwe, now Assistant Professor of Political Science and Black Studies at Cornell; Al Booker of Madison; Gottfried Geingob, U.S. Representative of the Southwest Africa People's Organization (SWAPO); Bill Minter; Alan Isaacman; Okon Uya, visiting Assistant Professor of History, University of Wisconsin; Sam Salter; Georges Nzongola, from the Congo; E.G. Kasonde, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Development of Zambia; G. Lowe; Boniface Obichere, Professor of History, UCLA; E. Janha; Hassan Abden; Anade Othow; S. Adams; E. Nwuweli; R. Nwuku; Georges Bokamba; Edward Rawayo; Ike Enwemnwa; Donald Harris; Edward Rawayo; Ebou Janha; Melese Ayalew; Andrea Esbete; and Wandowassen Hailu. Talks, panels and workshops listed on the schedule include: "American Involvement in Southern Africa,” "Oppression of Blacks Here and in Southern Africa,” "Liberation Movements in Southern Africa,” "What Can Be Done,” "Pan-Africanism: A Pragmatic Ideology for Black Liberation,” "Pan-Africanism and the Black Movement in the U.S.,” "African Unity,” "Offensive Against Zambia by South Africa,” "Nigeria and Pan-Africanism, Past, Present, and Future,” "Southern Sudan: Political Repression or Racial Repression?,” "Image of Africa in the Media,” "Propagation of Racism by the Media in Coverage of News in Africa,” "Africanization of Education,” "Irrelevancy of Western Education in Africa,” "Unity of Poverty,” "Role of African Students and Liberation Movements in Africa,” "Implementation of Ethiopian Popular Movement on Pan-Africanism,” and "The Ethiopian Feudal Regime and the Struggle for African Unity." The schedule lists the films “White-Africa,” “The Heart of Apartheid,” and “Sabotage in South Africa.” A dance will be held to raise funds for liberation movements, and there will be a rally to commemorate the Sharpeville Massacre.
Used by permission of David Wiley and William Minter, former members of Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers