by Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
December 1, 1972
2 pages
Type: Press Release
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The press release discusses the decision by the United Nations General Assembly to admit as official observers representatives of African liberation movements fighting against Portuguese colonial rule. On December 9, Gil Fernandes, one of the leaders of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), will speak at the University United Methodist Church in Madison. Sponsors include the Afro-American Community Services Center, International Club, Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa, Movement for Political and Economic Democracy, Third World Unity Group, and Wisconsin Student Association. Portugal's colonial war in Guinea, as in Angola and Mozambique, is sustained by dictatorship in Portugal, by a four-year period of compulsory military service for Portuguese men, and by the military, economic, and diplomatic support from NATO allies, including the United States.
Used by permission of David Wiley and William Minter, former members of Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers