Educators Against Racism and Apartheid

by Educators Against Racism and Apartheid
Jamaica, New York, United States
September 1990
8 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The newsletter reports on July 24, 1990 New York City Mayor David Dinkins signed into law INTRO 458-A; this law closes the loopholes of the previous sanctions law, making it the strongest sanctions law in the United States. The newsletter includes excerpts from a Congress of South African Trade Unions Press Statement, August 16, 1990. The newsletter says Educators Against Racism And Apartheid URGES you and your students to write to President De Klerk calling on him to intervene to stop the Inkatha violence, release all detainees, and establish a climate for negotiations; picket South African Embassies/consulates; urge your union, religious or other organization to put pressure on the U.S. and South African governments; send letters of support to the ANC and COSATU. The newsletter discusses Nelson Mandela, the South African Police (SAP), the security forces, the ANC (African National Congress), President FW de Klerk, the Land Acts of 1913 and 1936, the Group Areas Act of 1950, the Blacks (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act of 1945, the Population Registration Act of 1950, Patricia Shih, the Teachers' Retirement System, President Sam Nujoma, Dellums/Simon Comprehensive Economic Sanctions Bill (H.R. 21/S. 507), the Financial Sanctions Bill (H.R. 3458), House Concurrent Resolution 270, House Concurrent Resolution 203, the Congressional Black Caucus, Walter Fauntroy, John Conyers, and Howard Wolpe. Contents: End the Violence! • Intensify Sanctions! • RESOURCES • BIG Ideas! • Songs You Can See • Pension Fund to Divest Fully! • United Nations Summit • Apartheid Kills BOYCOTT KELLOGG'S! DIVEST NOW! • A MATH AND HOME ECONOMICS QUESTION • APARTHEID IS WRONG A Curriculum For Young People • Educators Against Racism And Apartheid Salutes The Independence Of The Republic of Namibia
Used by permission of Paula Rogovin, a former member of Educators Against Apartheid.
Collection: Educators Against Racism and Apartheid papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections