by African Heritage Studies Association
with John Henry Clark (editor), Leslie O. Harriman, Fred O'Neal, Andrew Young, Lloyd L. Brown, Cleveland Robinson, Rikhi Jaipal, Esther Jackson, Gil Noble, Peter Florin, Jewel Gresham, Mohamed Adam Osman, M. A. Ibragimov, Dorothy Hunton, Moe Foner, Alexandre Varret, Luis Gomez Anzardo, Karen Talbot, Mfanafuthi J. Makatini, Paul Robeson Jr.
New York, New York, United States
104 pages
The pamphlet, published in cooperation with the United Nations Centre against Apartheid, includes the proceedings of Special Meeting of the Special Committee Against Apartheid on the 80th Anniversary of the birth of Paul Robeson, 10 April 1978. The pamphlet includes the text of a number of telegrams and messages. They are from the Reverend Canon L. John Collins, Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral and President of International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, London; Dr. Yusuf M. Dadoo, President of the South African Indian Congress; Paul Robeson Committee of the German Democratic Republic; Mr. Steiniger, Chairman of the United Nations Association of the German Democratic Republic; Mr. Alfred Nzo, Secretary-General, African National Congress of South Africa, Lusaka; Sidney Poitier, actor, Culver City, California; Mr. Ossie Davis, Chairman, South African Freedom Committee, and Miss Ruby Dee; and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Former President of Nigeria. Contents: Introduction by Leslie O. Harriman • MESSAGES RECEIVED • SEQUENCE OF STATEMENTS • PAUL ROBESON: A VALIANT FIGHTER FOR FREEDOM • HE WORKED TO ESTABLISH THE DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL • A FIGHTER FOR THE UNION MOVEMENT • PAUL ROBESON: A GREAT AMERICAN • HE SANG FOR US ALL • PAUL ROBESON: THE TALLEST TREE IN OUR FOREST • PAUL ROBESON: A RELENTLESS FIGHTER FOR HUMAN HAPPINESS • HIS LEGACY MOST BE PRESERVED • AN ELOQUENT SPOKESMAN FOR OPPRESSED PEOPLE EVERYWHERE • OUTSTANDING FIGHTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS • PAUL ROBESON AND THE COUNCIL ON AFRICAN AFFAIRS • THEY TRIED TO BREAK HIM, BUT THEY DID NOT • HIS VOICE HAS NOT BEEN SILENCED • A TRIBUTE FROM FIDEL CASTRO • AN UNSURPASSED SON OF HIS PEOPLE • A FRIEND OF THE OPPRESSED SOUTH AFRICAN PEOPLE • A SON’S TRIBUTE • CLOSING REMARKS • Appendices • A. Selected Statements from the Writings and Speeches of Paul Robeson on apartheid and the Struggle in Southern Africa • 1. Speech delivered at Protest Meeting, Friends' House, London, 25 March, 1949 • 2. Statement by Paul Robeson, Chairman of the Council on African Affairs, New York, 13 April, 1953 • 3. Spotlight on Africa, 13 August, 1953 • B. Selected Statements about Paul Robeson and the Nature of His Commitment to the International Struggle for Justice and Peace • 1. Reprint from: John Killens, "Paul Robeson: Portrait of a People's Artist," (Newsletter for the Institute for Arts and Humanity of Howard University) • 2. Excerpts from Robeson: Labor's Forgotten Champion by Dr. Charles H. Wright • 3. Paul Robeson: A Giant Among Men by William L. Patterson (reprinted from Political Affairs, May, 1969) • 4. Excerpts from Paul Robeson: A Living National Treasure by Margaret G. Borroughs • 5. Obituary: Paul Robeson by John Henrik Clarke (reprinted from Africa, No. 55, March 1976 • 6. Tributes Delivered at the Funeral Service for Paul Robeson on Tuesday, 27 January 1976 at the Mother A.M.E. Zion Church, New York, New York • Reprint from: a. Tribute by Paul Robeson, Jr. b. Tribute by Dr. George McMurray • 7. Excerpts from a Statement of an Ad Hoc Committee to End the Crimes Against Raul Robeson • C. A Chronology of Major Events in The Life of Paul Robeson (reprinted from Evan A. Salk, Dubois - Robeson: Two Giants of the 20th Century: The Story of an Exhibit and a Bibliography (Chicago: Columbia College Press, 1977) • D. A Selected Bibliography of Published Writings By and About Paul Robeson by Ernest Kaiser
Collection: Private collection of E.S. Reddy