[Cordial greetings, I have communicated with each of you by telephone about the visit of Rev. Jose Chipenda and . . .]

by Fred Brancel, University United Methodist Church, Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa
with Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
March 13, 1973
Publisher: University United Methodist Church, Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa
6 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Kingdom
Language: English
The mailing (a cover letter and three enclosures) publicizes a meeting on March 20 at the University United Methodist Church at which Rev. Jose Chipenda and Mr. Maxim Raframsoa will lead a discussion on "Third World Perception of Justice, Liberation, Freedom and Development,” following the film "End of Dialogue." Rev. Chipenda, an Angolan, is the Africa Secretary of the World Student Christian federation with offices in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr. Raframsoa from Malagasy (Madagascar) works with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with headquarters in Rome. The mailing includes the schedule for the Madison visit of Chipennda and Raframsa; contact people are Ruth and Bill Minter and Fred Brancel. The mailing includes a leaflet on “Phela-Ndaba” (End of the Dialogue), a moving portrayal of the unremitting, corrosive oppression of apartheid; and “Witness: A Testament on Apartheid on South Africa,” produced on behalf of the International Defense and Aid Fund. The mailing includes “Africa: Ancient and modern,” a list of 16mm films available for rental from the Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction, University Extension, University of Wisconsin. The mailing includes information on the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) of South Africa, Nana Mahomo, District Six, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and South African Ambassador Henrik Luttig.
Used by permission of David Wiley and William Minter, former members of Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers