Southern Africa

(Volume 3, Number 6)
by Southern Africa Network-ELCA
with Joan Gerig (editor), Carol Thompson (layout), Valora Starr, Jim Knutson, Mozambique Solidarity Office
Chicago, Illinois, United States
November-December 1993
12 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Nations
Language: English
Contents: "I'd Go to Prison Again" • FIRST PERSON ACCOUNT • Travel Opportunity • COMPANION SYNOD REPORTS • Metropolitan Washington, DC Synod-Namibia ELCIN and ELCRN • Violence Monitor Reflects • Media Resource, ADVOCACY • Sanctions Lifted! • Lutherans Respond to End of Sanctions • Books to Namibia • Promote Peace for Angola • Support South African Elections • SOUTHERN AFRICA NEWS BRIEFS • Raid Before the Peace Prize • Time Bomb in Namibia • Mozambican Refugees in South Africa Assisted • Angola's Civil War Continues • South Africa Human Rights Report • SOUTHERN AFRICA CHURCH NEWS • Much Good Has Taken Place • WCC to Meet in South Africa • Namibian Council Launches Agricultural Services • US Human Rights Campaign Announced • SACC Calls for Peace Corps • CALENDAR OF ACTION AND REFLECTION • NETWORK NOTES Contents of BAOBAB NOTES: With U.S. aid, Angolan army threatens UNITA stronghold • RENAMO demands deployment of UN troops in Mozambique • "The future is not what it used to be" • Along the paths people talk of life, by Jorge Rebelo • "Let us fight peacefully" • Portugal cashes in on new unified army • Refugee demographics: 57% children • Refugee repatriation stalled • Demobilization started • RENAMO imitating UNITA in preparation for losing elections? • Portuguese prepare to re-establish economic ties • South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice • Growing up tough: South African youth surveyed • International links to Hani assassination • COSATU wants a voice in negotiating South Africa's future • Women, water, and control in Gazankulu • Highest homicide rate in world • Angola goes ahead with oil contracts • Anthrax, cholera used during Rhodesian war • War rampaging Angola • Angola: contradictions continue • Creating a new and bold destiny • The newsletter says SAN was privileged to host an October evening discussion in Chicago with Rev. Frank Chikane, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches (SACC). The newsletter includes two poems "Tit for tat and butter for fat" by Tshenuwani S. Farisani, from Justice In My Tears, Africa World Press; and "The Black Madonna" by Maria Mackay, OP from Cry Justice, Orbis. The newsletter discusses Rev. Molefe Tsele, F.W. de Klerk, the upcoming elections, the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), Women of the ELCA, Chicago's St. Stephens Lutheran Church, the Bethel Lutheran Church Choir, Nelson Mandela, The Center for Global Education, Pastor Engelhardt Noabeb from Windhoek, the South Africa Ecumenical Monitoring Program (EMPSA), Father Mellon of France, Albert Whittles, Aubrey Nxumalo, Daveyton, Rev. Eddie Leeuw, Mary Mxadana, President Bush, code of conduct for business operating in South Africa, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), Joan Pope, H. CON. RES. 75, Anthony Lake, the National Security Council, Bophuthatswana, KwaZulu, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs George Moose, the Senate African Affairs Subcommittee, the House Africa Subcommittee, UNITA, FRELIMO, RENAMO, Afonso Dhlakama, Aldo Ajello, UNOMOZ, the Human Rights Commission (HRC), Jorge Rebelo, Prexy Nesbitt, the ANC (African National Congress), the Selous Scouts, gold mines, uranium, coal, UNITA, MPLA, Royal Dutch/Shell, Total, Agip, Chevron, the Nobel Peace Prize, the South African Defence Force (SADF), the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), the Azanian Peoples Liberation Army's (APLA), SWAPO, Colonel Des Radmore, the Namibian Defence Department, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), President Clinton, President dos Santos, Jonas Savimbi, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the World Council of Churches (WCC), Konrad Raiser, the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN), Deborah Robinson, the Native American Community, the Program to Combat Racism, the UN Commission on Human Rights, International Human Rights Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Dennis Frado, the Lutheran Office for World Community, Donna Weishoff, Jim Moore, the Prayer Watch Campaign, President Chissano, Peter Katjavivi, University of Namibia (UNAM), Dr. Hugh Africa, Father Albert Nolan, and the Institute for Contextual Theology. The newsletter includes the August/September 1993 issues of BAOBAB NOTES by the Mozambique Solidarity Office.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Network-ELCA.
Collection: Solveig Kjeseth Southern Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections