Notes and Documents
(No. 27/71)
by C. Edward Crowther, Unit on Apartheid
New York, New York, United States
June 1971
Publisher: United Nations
9 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Nations
Language: English
Paper prepared for the Unit on Apartheid by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Crowther. The cover of the paper says Bishop Crowther spent almost three years in South Africa where he served as Anglican Bishop or Kimberley and Kuruman; in 1967, he denounced apartheid as a potent1al cause or war at the Pacem in Terris II conference held in Geneva and after his return to South Africa, he was arrested and served with deportation orders "in the public interest"; and he has appeared as a petitioner before the Special Committee on Apartheid on several occasions, most recently on May 8, 1971. The paper says apartheid in South Africa is the violence of racism in its most rationalized and systematic form; and one of the savage facts of life in South Africa is that black Africans cannot own land outside of the 13 percent of the land area of the entire Republic set aside for African reservations or "Bantustans" as they are officially called. The paper discusses Crown Mines, De Beers Consolidated Mines, the Group Areas Act, the Dutch Reformed Church, and Afrikaners. Contents: A state of war • White - at least in death • Tourist paradise versus black man's hell • The mine compound • The garden boy • Apart-hate • The Mamuthla affair • The "Immorality Act" • The roots of apartheid • Sandra Laing • Theology of white supremacy • Pain and revolution • One of the supreme ironies of history