ICCR Brief
by Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
with J. Brian Sheehan
New York, New York, United States
February 1982
4 pages
Type: Pamphlet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The pamphlet consists of excerpts from statements made at a meeting on September 15, 1981 about corporate policies on South Africa with about 125 participants and observers representing 29 Fortune 500 companies and 30 churches and religious communities. The meeting, held at International House in New York City, was chaired by form United Nations Ambassador Donald McHenry. The excerpts were selected by J. Brian Sheehan who also wrote the transitional narrative and analysis. Statements from the following people are excerpted: Dan Purnell, executive director of the International Council for Equality of Opportunity Principles, Inc.; Robert Copp, manager of the International Labor Office of the Ford Motor Company; Dr. Avery Post, president of the United Church of Christ; Robert Wheeler of Control Data Corporation; Regina Murphy, S.C. of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul; Timothy H. Smith, executive director of ICCR; Marc Sussman, a representative of Chemical Bank; The Rev. M. William Howard, Jr., then-president of the National Council of Christ in the U.S.A.; Bill Kopliwitz of Citibank; Dr. David Preus, president of the American Lutheran Church; Bill Brokerick, director of research and analysis for International Government Affairs at the Ford Motor Company; and Father Charles Cahm, O.P., a Dominican priest from Chicago. The speakers discuss Rev. Leon Sullivan, the Statement of Principles of U.S. Firms with Affiliates in South Africa (Sullivan Principles), National Key Points Act, South African police and military, apartheid, Tom Murphy, the Wiehahn Commission, black trade unions, UAW (United Auto Workers), Motor Assembly and Rubber Workers of South Africa ,International Metal Workers Federation, Industrial Conciliation Act, Black Labor Administration Act, IBM, Burroughs, Hewlett-Packard, National Institute of Telecommunications Research, Electrical Supply Commission, Atomic Energy Board, South African Airways, South African Railways, Official Secrets Act, oil companies, Owen Horwood, Riekert Commission, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and the South African Ministry of Finance. • Introductory Remarks • Robert McCabe of General Motors • I. Corporate Performance in the Workplace • II. Corporate Relations with the South African Government • III. How Can Corporations Contribute to Meaningful Social Change in South Africa? [Note: the correct spelling of the name may be Bill Koplowitz.]
Used by permission of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root