[The Call to Conscious Network (Phila. Chapter) has issued a call for a national demonstration and rally in Philadelphia]

by Call to Conscience
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
July 6, 1987
Publisher: Call to Conscience Network
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Type: Correspondence
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Copy of a letter sent to Congressman William Gray III at the U.S. House of Representatives about a demonstration and rally in Philadelphia on July 16th, 1987. The letter says the Call to Conscious Network (Phila. Chapter) has issued a call for a national demonstration and rally in Philadelphia on July 16th, 1987; as you know the joint session of congress will be commemorated on that day, marking the formation of the House and the Senate; the "Great Compromise" of the founding delegates in forming this union compromised the human worth of African slaves with the 3/5th of a "white man" ratification, and extended the slave trade for an additional twenty years; we believe this and other concessions laid a firm foundation for the racism and other injustices that we see in this nation today, expressed in our foreign and domestic policies. The letter says the network is calling, on July 16th, for, congress to take heed to the concerns of the people. The time for the war against racism is long passed. The letter says our call is for community hearings on racism to take place in areas across the United States in urban, rural, counties and boroughs with congressional representatives to hear the devastating realities of the ills of racism in housing; education; employment and its socialization of the American people. The letter says it is clear that the commitment to eradicate racism in America has at best, been superficial. The letter says Councilman-at-large David Cohen has committed his support for these hearings, and in an official announcement at the July 9th press conference we will call for these hearings, and again on July 16th., at the demonstration several speakers will issue this call again, for all people to join in the fight against this immoral scourge against humanity. The letter says we sincerely hope to get the support of progressive congresspersons that would result in legislation from the findings of these national hearings; as a fore-runner in the anti-apartheid movement your support in the fight against racism at home is crucial. The letter says the Call to Conscious Network is a national organization of over 250 anti-apartheid, religious, community, students, unions, elected officials and peace groups. The letter says we would appreciate your immediate reply, given the brief time between now and July 16th. We sincerely hope that your schedule will permit your participation.
Used by permission of Jerry Herman, a former member of the Call to Conscience Network in Philadelphia.
Collection: Anti-Apartheid Materials (Jerry Herman collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections